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The 1966 Great Archanian Trek


With the side note that 3 stages will be more drvability oriented that reliability oriented - so the number should be a bit higher.


Team Hurry Squad

The Team (Amateurs):

Teodor Bajkiewicz, 59
Clive Stetbury, 46

Two WWII Veterans who flew in the same Hurricane squadron during the Battle of Britain, they now team up in sparse but regular intervals for the odd crazy adventure. Needless to say, they wouldn’t miss this one.

The car:

A shoddy post-war Ligrani van, with the original 875cc engine swapped for a salvaged 8.4L V8 taken from a WWII italian half-track personnel carrier, the 1st gear (crawler) from the slider type 3-speed is long gone, so the have to make do with what is effectively a 2-speed gearbox.

Note: Late ad post because I slightly overshot the deadline, so I PMed it to Private Miros for approval first and waited for green light to enter.


The 1966 Great Archanian Trek Preview

As we are only a few days from the start of the first edition of the Great Archanian Trek, let’s take a look at some of what is ahead.

Stage 1: Archania - Fazo

The approximate length of this stage is only 350km (~220 miles) but expect to be on the road the whole day. While there are enough parts where you can open the throttle, large parts will have be done at walking pace, crawling over difficult and volcanic terrain. The first stage will be a massive test for the structural and technical integrity of your vehicle.

Sector 1 - Archania - Ziffa

A relatively fast part, starting at the presidential palace of Archania, the capital of Archana, driving out of the boulevards until you reach the Zambeza-river, at which points, the cars turn offroad in the direction of Ziffa, the town at the base of the Achra-volcano.

Sector 2 - Ziffa - Black Sands Lake

A steep climb from Ziffa up the volcano, dodging sharp black vulcanic rock that can shred your tires to bits. The checkpoint is at the huge lake that forms the caldera of the vulcano.

Sector 3 - Black Sands Lake - Al Mina Oasis

Going down from the caldera, possibly even more dangerous than going up, we reach the Al Mina hills. The checkpoint is set up at the Oasis in the center.

Sector 4 - Al Mina Oasis - Al Mina Oasis

A short trial rally stage cut out over the hills looping back to the Oasis.

Sector 5 - Al Mina Oasis - Fazo

Leaving the hills, we enter the rock desert that stretches out for many miles. This part is still rather undulating and large boulders make crossing the area difficult. The end point of this stage is Fazo, a smaller city where the night camp has been built up and food and provisions will be provided by the organisation.


Base times for this stage are taken from: Daytona Sports Course Sector 2 - Ascari Race Resort 0.6 Flying Lap Sector 3 - Spa Francorchamps Sector 2 - Bristol Motor Speedway Sector 3 - Green Hell Flying Lap Sector 2.

Stage 2: Fazo - Zimbukto

This stage is faster, and lighter on the cars. Faster speed also means more chance for accidents to happen, so this will be a test for drivability.

Sector 1 - Fazo - Trek Camp 1

A slow start into the great nothing, rocks as far as the eye can see. To break up the monotony we have set up camp with the help of some nomad herdsmen.

Sector 2 - Trek Camp 1 - Sali

The second leg of the tranverse of the rock desert, with a stop at the oasis Sali, a small village.

Sector 3 - Sali - Point Nowhere

Still driving through rock desert, also this part is so barren and featureless that even rocks are rare. The underground is hard rock with the occasional sand patch. Fast, but it might catch you off guard.

Sector 4 - Point Nowhere - Agorgot

Suddenly the land rises up, and so do you, up to the summit of the Agorgot mountain.

Sector 5 - Agorgot - Anuman

Down the mountain we go and here we reach sandy desert; though no big dunes yet.

Sector 6 - Anuman - Zimbukto

Final drive through the sandy desert towards the historical city of Zimbukto, capital of the most powerful kings of pre-Archanian times.


Base times for this stage are taken from: Bristol Motor Speedway Sector 1 - Ascari Race Resort 0.6 Flying Lap Sector 3 - Castle Combs Flying Lap Sector 2 - Bristol Motor Speedway 2-lap Sector 1 - Bonneville LSR Sector 3 - Phillip Island Old Course Sector 2.

The contestants (feel free to correct me or add missing information here):

Player Car Team Status Driver Co-driver
Kubboz Cossack TT2500 (modified) No Name 1 Amateur Menelaus Daisun Cardiel Megalos
HighOctaneLove Bogliq GPDV TREK Car Team There and Back Again Amateur Stephen Nix Christopher Hind
Knightophonix FAAL Mesaia 152 Team Sechsmötörigewildsaü Amateur Xavier Müller Jean-Martin Müller
accent Pengting Torra 273 NAAC (North Archanan Automobilist Club) Amateur Jehu “Tripod” Kickoman Sebastianos Kouho
Jaimz Franklin Rhino G&EHE1966 Harcourt-Entwhistle Amateur Capt George Harcourt-Entwhistle, REME Elizabeth Harcourt-Entwhistle
Urbanliner Ninomiya Evron Coupe (Custom) Team Desert Stars Amateur Yuuki Akagi Haruto Aiba
KamikazeF0X SOCAUT Pyrénées V8 Team Pyrénées Amateur Jean-Claude Cassenave André Lacassagne
The Elt BM Feather No Name 2 Amateur Unknown Unknown
NiuYorqCiti Ponni Weekend No Name 3 Amateur Bruno Volponi Enzo Lombardo
HardRooster Bruce’s Loose Nut Jar Ferreira Family Crashing Team Amateur Bruce Ferreira Buster Ferreira
Bastormonger Ligrani La Follia Hurry Squad Amateur Teodor Bajkiewicz Clive Stetbury

Player Car Team Status Driver Co-driver
Vri404 Sakura Empress S (E10) Baja Custom Sakura-Mathews America Factory Team Professional David Mathews Emerton Mathews
Aaron.W TSR Ultra Rally Safari Edition Katana Racing Team Professional Cole Mendez Takumi Kakayama
BoostandEthanol Keika I Safari Keika Automotive Professional Daniel Chase Jack Williams
Madrias Sinistra Savage Concept Sinistra Performance Division Professional Luke Sinistra Mark Jasper
VicVictory Ardent Chesapeake GT Rally The Pride of Ohio Professional Bobby Morgan George Kowalczyk
Machalel Epoch M30 3.3 Trek Epoch Professional Yale Thomlinson Peter Kleinmann
LS-Vehicles LSV Buccaneer - Halti Special LSVRT team Professional Make Viljami
stm316 Puttzalong Inglese Rally PRTF (Puttzalong Rally Team Fruinia) Professional Giuseppe Contadino Arturo Greco
findRED19 Rapido Motors (RM) Skylight DS Rapido Motors Factory Team Professional Unknown Unknown
Alib Bramble Flint Chert Bramble Factory Professional William Moore Robert Chamberlain
Knugcab IP Brigadeer 1900 DX2 4x4 IP Motorsports Professional Chandawang Sangwat Pawoon Khaodai
Dorifto_Dorito ACA RoadCruiser 440 Police Interceptor Special Offroad Team Cops and Robbers Professional Blake Washington Alejandro Cervantes
MrComputah Caliban Thunder ‘Scafell’ Tin Of Anchovies Professional Alec Henry “Insane Josh” Joshua Morgan
JohnWaldock JHW Sparrow Panamerica Ecurie Crowley Professional Fred Jones Ken Crowley
Mikonp7 Deer And Hunt Hawg GAT Team OneShot Professional James Parker Henry Carlson
Nivracer KMC Avventurer KMC Professional Kevin Michaels Herman Livingston

Some tidbits:

  • Average reliability: 63.7
  • Average TREK-drivability: 724/1000
  • Average fuel consumption stage 1: 18,4l/100km


Man this looks like it’s gonna be a lot of fun. I can’t wait!

I’ve edited my post with team name and driver so you can fill out your spreadsheet, feel free to abbreviate the long winded team name to FFCT;



Could we get some average performance stats too? I feel like I’m way under average there and I gotta see how bad it is in that regard.


As long as you’re not in Bogliq territory, you should be good. :wink:


It would take time to make new spreadsheets of those. At least for stage 1, power was never the determining factor for the results.

Purely in terms of average speed for stage 1; yours is third slowest. The Bogliq is fourth slowest.


I’m just excited to see how well or badly a FWD muscle car does at offroad rally racing.


The third slowest. So, it ain’t that bad, then!


But still slower than the Bogliq. :wink:


Team No Name 1 is pretty confident they can outlast the Bogliq and the Ardent too. We can give you a tow if when you need it.


So Team Harcourt-Entwhistle is above average reliability and below average fuel consumption.

Yay, I guess!


Team Tin of Anchovies

(For flavour, read any line said by Joshua in the thickest Australian accent you can imagine)

Day 0.

The tiny ute enters the city, driven by Alec, with Joshua sitting on the codriver’s seat. The only headlight remaining is lit.

Joshua: “Is this the starting point mate?”

Alec: “Aye. We have a couple days before the race begins. Might as well check if we have everything we need.”

Joshua: “Oi nah mate, fuck off, we’re not checking our crap for the tenth time since we started the trip.”

Alec: “But what if something happens to us? We might not be ready to act accordingly.”

Joshua: “Look, we can improvise. Stop bein’ such a dipstick.”

Alec: “For fucks sake, you only know to improvise? Because planning stuff ahead helps and all that.”

Joshua: “Ace! You know how to plan ahead, but if that fails and you don’t know how to improvise that’s going to end up badly. We need to buy more coldies though.”

Alec: “You don’t know how much I hate you already.”

Joshua laughs “Spittin’ the dummy already?”

The car entered the city searching for a place to spend the days before the race in. Hopefully Alec and Joshua won’t try to kill each other in the meantime…hopefully.

To be continued


If you don’t mind, we refer to our supposed accent (which everybody knows we don’t have) as Strine.
'Straya, Mate! :cowboy_hat_face:


Quick and unimportant question about TREK-drivability: Is that where you add drivability and off-road, then subtract every point under 15 in comfort, and the total is just the number with no decimal places?



One car has 1000/1000 (actually had a higher sum).


Wow, hopefully that car is in the Pro class, because it ain’t my car.


I know for a fact it can’t be mine. Mine’s kinda the exact opposite of what should be here.


Eh, Sinistra and Ardent will both be digging their wheels hopelessly in the sand.

It’s just WHICH wheels that will be different.


I don’t see how not keeping up with the leaders of the race is a good thing! :wink:

Slow and steady wins the race… And I’m the fastest “slow and steady” entrant, so I’m gonna win!!! :rofl:

Seriously though, this race is going to be tough and Team “There and back again” will provide tows out of ditches, rollovers etc. to all who need them!

Good luck everyone!!! :sunglasses: