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The 1966 Great Archanian Trek


Stage 1: Sector 1
Giuseppe sat behind the wheel, waiting. Arturo was already half blind, he said it was 5:00pm back home. Many of the cars left in clouds of dust and smoke, whereas the Inglese was far more modest in its departure, which is what you get at 25 lb/hp. Leaving the city, unlike some events they’d been through, didn’t require dodging citizens, but there was an incident involving an ox-cart and someone’s laundry. The run to the river had gone easily enough, and even the journey to Ziffa had been uneventful.

S1:2 Ziffa - Black Sands Lake
Climbing the side if the volcano was a combination of Giuseppe eating garlic bread and Arturo trying to drive, with the odd stop to water the rocks breaking up the trip. Even though the lake at the top was stunning, they could see they still had a long way to go before the end of the first stage.

S1:3 Black Sands Lake - Al Mina Oasis
Years of driving the Inglese had given Giuseppe a good understanding of how fast it could turn before it would overturn, but that experience hadn’t involved dogding razor sharp stone deposits, or boulders the size of a car. It was nice to get off the side of the volcano.

S1:4 Al Mina Oasis - Al Mina Oasis
Alternating the driving on the way down left Giuseppe in a good state to tackle this section. They may not have achieved the fastest time, but the old girl hadn’t shown any signs of letting them down.

S1:5 Al Mina Oasis - Fazo
Heading across the desert to Fazo, Arturo managed to hit a… I’m not sure what it was, but it was hard enough to buckle the wheel, and make Giuseppe drop his water. They only had two spare wheels, losing one on the first day probably wasn’t a good sign. On the other hand, they’d finished in a respectable 7th overall, 4th in the pro teams. There was some harsh language in the moments before crossing the line, what with Arturo having learned before the race that the Ponni was crewed by two guys with Italian sounding names.

The Spaghetti farmer and his Garlic-breathing associate were quite pleased with themselves for finishing the first stage, but Arturo was fairly sure he’d packed a spare battery…


So, on the rest of the TREK:

  • I’ll try to have one stage every 2 weeks. There’s a lot of manual work involved, and I want to take my time to analyse the results to allow me to write something interesting rather than just to post times.

  • Regarding repairs, the poll has decided cars will be repaired to the previous damage level based on their service cost (service cost*10 = seconds to repair) after each stage.

  • Stages 2 and 4 will be drivability focussed and will at the most see 1 extra point of damage added.

  • Stages 3 and 5 will be reliability focussed just like the first stage, expect to see cars going out here.

  • Cars that went out get a 12 hour penalty, plus they are repaired to damage level 1 (so, service cost103 = seconds to repair added to that time). The team can obviously also opt to simply retire.

Total TREK time including repairs for the start of Stage 2:

Position Car Team Status Total S1
1 Sinistra Savage Concept Sinistra Performance Division Professional 07:03,04
2 SOCAUT Pyrénées V8 Team Pyrénées Amateur 07:19,08
3 KMC Avventurer KMC Professional 07:32,37
4 Caliban Thunder ‘Scafell’ Tin Of Anchovies Professional 07:37,32
5 FAAL Mesaia 152 Team Sechsmötörigewildsaü Amateur 09:22,07
6 Ponni Weekend No Name 3 Amateur 09:24,17
7 Bogliq GPDV TREK Car Team There and Back Again Amateur 09:29,51
8 Franklin Rhino G&EHE1966 Harcourt-Entwhistle Amateur 09:34,30
9 Puttzalong Inglese Rally PRTF (Puttzalong Rally Team Fruinia) Professional 09:44,36
10 Ninomiya Evron Coupe (Custom) Team Desert Stars Amateur 09:51,06
11 Bramble Flint Chert Bramble Factory Professional 09:54,04
12 Bruce’s Loose Nut Jar Ferreira Family Crashing Team Amateur 09:54,26
13 Ligrani La Follia Hurry Squad Amateur 10:24,52
14 TSR Ultra Rally Safari Edition Katana Racing Team Professional 10:27,37
15 Pengting Torra 273 NAAC (North Archanan Automobilist Club) Amateur 10:33,45
16 ACA RoadCruiser 440 Police Interceptor Special Offroad Team Cops and Robbers Professional 10:37,17
17 Epoch M30 3.3 Trek Epoch Professional 10:38,42
18 LSV Buccaneer - Halti Special LSVRT team Professional 10:40,59
19 Cossack TT2500 (modified) No Name 1 Amateur 10:41,19
20 IP Brigadeer 1900 DX2 4x4 IP Motorsports Professional 11:07,25
21 BM Feather No Name 2 Amateur 11:29,13
22 Sakura Empress S (E10) Baja Custom Sakura-Mathews America Factory Team Professional 12:41,50
23 Rapido Motors (RM) Skylight DS Rapido Motors Factory Team Professional 13:00,58
24 Keika I Safari Keika Automotive Professional 13:02,18
25 Deer And Hunt Hawg GAT Team OneShot Professional 13:04,45
26 JHW Sparrow Panamerica Ecurie Crowley Professional 13:07,10
27 Ardent Chesapeake GT Rally The Pride of Ohio Professional 25:47,54

I wouldn’t worry too much about large time gaps, a lot can still happen in this TREK. Also, every stage shall be treated as an individual round, so you can all still end up on the podium for an individual stage.

Now, regarding the cars:

The average TREK-car:

  • is front-engined 4x4 (17; 3 are front-wheel drive; 6 are rear-wheel drive; 1 is mid-engined rear-wheel drive);

  • has a displacement of 3197,5 cc (smallest is 1001cc, biggest is 8392cc);

  • has 132,3 horsepower (lowest is 70,4, highest is 344,4);

  • has a torque of 233,7 Nm [171.9 ft.lb] (lowest is 85,5 [63,1], highest is 573,9 [422,6]);

  • weighs in at 1148 kg [2531lb] (lowest is 443 [977], highest is 1800 [3968]);

  • tops out at 166,5 km/h [103,5 mph] (lowest is 123 [76,5], highest is 222 [138]);

  • accelerates from 0 to 100 [0 to 61] in 11,9 seconds (slowest is 21,6, fastest is 7,1).


So you mean to tell me the top 4 not only all finished below 8 but also didn’t have anything to repair?

Reliable bois.


Or lucky bois.

In which case they might do an Ardent in the Third Stage.


Fingers crossed that’s not the case


That sounded like a threat :thinking:


Pure luck! I nearly have the average car and a reliably of 60-65 if I remember well…