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The 2020 Trafikjournalen 24h clunker run (Final results at last.)


Meanwhile, at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport…

Arun, just took a plane from Mumbai, have just arrived at Stockholm’s major airport. He is going to meet Carol, who have arrived there beforehand, at a restaurant.

Arun: Where the fuck is Stefan, my Uber driver? He is supposed to come 5 minutes earlier!

Several minutes later, a blue Kimura Hana came. The driver is infact Stefan, the Uber driver Arun is talking about. Arun then approached the vehicle, opened the rear door and entered the car.

Stefan: Sorry for the late arrival, the traffic isn’t good, due to some horrible accident happening on the E4 expressway.

Arun: Eh, never mind, I’m not in a hurry.

Stefan: Also, are you going to [REDACTED] Hotel in [REDACTED] Street?

Arun: Yup.

Several minutes later, on the road…


@CarolLee_218 - 01:30 PM CEST (+2 GMT)
Where are you? I’m now at the Mcdonalds nearby the hotel BTW.

@ArunOverdrives - 01:32 PM CEST (+2 GMT)
Still on the road.

Arun: Carol. Not again. Stop changing locations.


7th OF JUNE 2020

It was a lovely summer evening, the calm sound of an open fire burning was interrupted every now and then by some laughter and storytelling, but still everything was very laidback and peaceful, when all of a sudden…


MATS: For some reason, I am willing to bet that the thumping bass comes from a clapped out 1996 Farox Cielo wagon, on cheap Ebay coilovers, white with rattlecan flat black panda pattern and a “Save the manuals” sticker in the rear window…

ERIK: The odds are on your side, there is no chance that it is coming from something else…

The sound of the music blasting from the speakers became louder and louder, and the old Farox entered with a handbrake turn.

ARVID: Hey, young boy! Be careful with my gravel!

FILIP: You told me that you needed some help?

ARVID: Yes! Look, we have a fire there. And there we have too many sausages. And there we have too many cases of beer. Do you think that the three of us can get rid of all of this alone? Now, have some sausages while we are discussing our plan!

FILIP: But how about the car then?

ARVID: Well, we are finished. I patched up the floorboards with sheetmetal from some old barrels, that will have to do. We found the wipers in a box in the boot so we put them back, they might come in handy. Then we removed the chrome trim, it was in such a great condition that we felt that it was unnecessary to smash it up. But believe it or not, they were held in place with rubber cement! So it left no holes but I guess they are there somewhere underneath all the fibreglass filler. Then we had some racing livery made for it… (Laughing). It looks kind of a parody now but this is about having fun after all.

FILIP: Yeah…but when I heard about this, I thought that we were getting something cool, not a 50 year old grannymobile…

ARVID: The Manaoz was far from a grannymobile when new, they had great success in rallying with it and you could almost buy speedparts in the grocery store. I think you need to learn some car history, young man…

FILIP: Yeah…but old cars are so…boring.

ARVID: So, what is your dream car then?

FILIP: You already know that, it is a Toyota AE86!

ARVID: May I remember you that the AE86 is almost 40 years old at the moment?

FILIP: Yeah, but…it’s not like from the…50s or something.

ARVID: Young boy, I started with 50s cars in the late 60s and early 70s. They were considered worthless by then. And I thought the opposite, some people even thought that a new Proletariat was better than most old stuff, I laughed at them, I bought lots of fun old sports and luxury cars back then, if I had kept them all they would have been worth many millions now, but I got them for nothing at all.

FILIP: Yeah, but…

ARVID: So, what do you think about the cars of today then?

FILIP: Well, they are quite boring, it seems like everybody is building bland FWD crossovers, just look at the 90s and 00s, we got stuff like the Mk4 Supra, the Lancer Evo, Impreza WRX and now we have…nothing.

ARVID: So, do you see any similarities?

FILIP: Uhm, I guess I do…

ERIK: And have you driven on a track ever before?

FILIP: No, I haven’t…

ERIK: Believe me, it’s something completely different compared to thinking that you are king of the streets in your crappy old Farox. It will be an experience even on a mobility scooter then.

ARVID: Now, it’s time for something very important.

FILIP: What?

ARVID: We can’t put you on the track with no experience of the car whatsoever. So, before you start to empty the beer bottles, take a test drive with it. And just drive as hard as you dare, it’s better if it breaks down now than if it breaks on the track, we have almost a week to repair it now. It’s in the garage!

A while later, Filip left the garage and entered the neighbourhood with squealing tyres

MATS: Youngsters…they think they know it all.

ERIK: Yeah. It’s a good thing that we weren’t like that.

After what seems like forever, the powder blue old chariot from the Faroe islands came back.

FILIP: THIS IS THE MOST FUN I HAVE EVER HAD! Who thought that a car from 1970 even could be this fun? Amazing! It’s so…light! And the throttle response, wow! And it’s a manual, how cool! I regret everything I said now! Where can I get one? I want one myself!

ARVID: Well, there is more to it than meets the eye.

FILIP: But seriously, that checkerboard livery, what kind of drugs were you on?

ERIK: It was cool in the 90s when I was your age.

FILIP: Yeah, but that was like 100 years ago.

MATS: And now you are onto that again… Really, I am pretty sure that people will laugh at your damn Farox in 20 years, and to be honest, most people already do!

FILIP: Yeah, whatever, can we talk about something else? I’m putting the car back in the garage…

A while later someone was yelling from the garage


ARVID: Hahaha, no of course not, why are you asking?


And a while later, this picture was uploaded on the Instagram account…

MATS: Well, the youngsters might be annoying, but sometimes they are useful when they have their nose buried in their iPhone…


(Now, if anyone wants to use the last part of this story for RPing, you’re more than welcome!)


Great, My computer had a meltdown. I hope I have a new one before friday. If not, att least you will know why this might be delayed some days.

But, of course, keep sending in cars, I’ll download them as soon as I can…

The Team

Captain Frank Tonsom. Team Leader
56 year old policeman on paid vacation. Generally a grumpy guy. Incapable of driving a manual gearbox.
Does not have any actual interest or hobby (yet). Hates Connor because of him being pretty much perfect in nearly every way possible.
Will not be traveling to sweden to attend the race.

Not exactly human… (see GAR2 thread for more info on that one). Very calm and attentive nature. Intelligence far above average. Only use when fixing cars is a talking instruction manual. Has difficulties interacting with others on a casual basis (i.e. small talk). Has no real opinion of the other two.
Right arm potentially not useable due to damage after an attack.

Tim Redwood
The reason they race in the first place. 19 year old kiddo wants some fun :smiley: . Highly energetic and joyful. Doesn’t want anyone to be hurt during this. Interested in cars and sports. Good with tools but a complete dumbfuck when doing stuff himself. Admires Connor for intelligence and capablity to stay calm under stress.
Persuasive power allows him to (mostly) prevent Tonsom from going haywire on Connor (again).

and there’s a new Kid on the block:

Valentin Schrant (Sweden)
25 year old son of a fairly successful business couple running a transportation business.
Freakishly tall at about 7ft (2.20m), but very slim for his size.
Early days of teenage years were spent delivering Newspapers all around the town, leading to him being the polar opposite of Connor socially. Also decent-ish with cars despite not being formally trained.
Desperately wants to avoid beef with and between others.
Met Redwood on a car forum and sparked the idea of attending the Trafikjournalen Run.

The Car

Anhultz Dione C

  • roughly 175000 miles

  • 112hp 2.25L straight-5

  • quite a few minor issues…

  • Interior lighting broken (dash light works)

  • Casette Deck broken

  • Heater is weaker than anticipated

  • Gearbox has difficulties getting into Reverse

  • the car needing FOUR NINE seperate keys (basically every keyhole is a seperate key + glovebox)

  • only gauges working are speedo (shows 4MPH faster than actual speed); and fuel tank (reading highly dependant on driving situation; most accurate on flat, straight roads)

  • only window roller working is rear left one

there’s some already, so why bother searching here?

  • Otherwise good :+1:

RK Series Racing

Part 0 : Good ol' Woosh-Meetings...

2:12 PM EDT; 8:12 PM CEST; about a month before race start

The team of 4 have, albeit with difficulties regarding Tonsom’s tech-iliteracy and 6 hours of time between Michigan and Sweden, managed to set up a video-chat via Woosh. Connor and Tonsom can bee seen sharing a (very pixelated) camera, whereas Schrant has a fully fledged setup which could easily pass as being that of a regular streamer.

Tonsom: [frantically waving in front of the camera] “Is this working??”
Redwood and Schrant: [chuckling] "Yes. kinda… "
Redwood: “So we meet here to discuss the Tra… Traffic-”
Schrant: “The 24 hour Trafikjournalen Run.”
Redwood: “Yeah… dat.”
Schrant: “The Trafikjournalen Run is an endurance race held here in Sweden, where contestant team race their cheap cars for 24 hours.”
Tonsom: [surprised] “Wait… SWEDEN???”
Redwood: [shamed grin]
Schrant: “Yeah. Sweden. Something wrong?”
Tonsom: [already furious] "None of you dipshits told me that this thing was going down in SWEDEN!!! Fuck this, imma stay here…

F.Tonsom disconnected

Redwood: “well… lemme call him up…”
Redwood calls tonsom via phone, which immediately is put on loudspeaker.

ring ring… ring ri-

Tonsom: “Tonsom?”
Rewood: “Yeah… Tim here… i kinda get why you don’t want to go all the way to Sweden for this… soo… can Connor have the laptop to at least continue discussions?”
Tonsom: “I don’t give a flying fuck at the moment… i’m gonna have some bacon…” [hangs up]

F. Tonsom connected

Schrant: “Wait what?”
The camera finally loads showing Connor alone in front. Some pan-fizzing can be heard from Tonsom cooking his bacon.
Connor: “So. We are currently facing three challenges.”
Schrant: “Three? I can only think of two right now…”
Connor: “First we need a vehicle to participate with.”
Redwood: [cheerful] “We can take my Mimas!”
Connor: “…A vehicle that we can actually get to sweden for participation.”
Schrant: “You have some pictures of it?”

Redwood fiddles around with the settings on his end, until his camera is instead showing his PC screen.

Redwood: “I had my car digitally made by some guys on Tennerr. I think the guy who made the windows look like windows goes by the name of @GetWrekt01 .”
Connor: "The rendering is close enough to the original in terms of appearance.
Schrant: “Props to that guy, then i guess? Either way, i can see one of the most common 80s boxes to exist.”
Redwood: [highly enthusiastic] “YASS!!”
Schrant: “Is it good? Mechanically, that is…”
Redwood: “Good enough to be road-worthy, at least… Lemme pull up the last inspection sheet.”

Redwood heads to the back of the room and searches a drawer full of documents. He then returns to the PC.

Redwood: "Soo… we have…

  • some advisories due to meaningless shit like window rollers not working
  • an advisory on passenger-side ball joint… Oh right, the one we duct-taped two months ago… tie-rod may be knackered…
  • other things written, but labeled as “not critical”, such as interior lighting being broken, the gearbox hesitating to go into reverse and the only window roller working beaing the rear left one.
  • nothing else of interest, as far as i can tell, that is…"

“the broken window is like a week old and happened due to a pimp smashing a soccer ball onto there…”

Schrant: “So you duct-taped a ball joint to the tie-rod and managed to pass inspection? HOW??”
Redwood: “Replaced it like 100 miles later, then had the inspection. Steering still is not the most accurate in existence though…”
Schrant: “Seems like we have a car then… getting that boat to Sweden will be the least of our concerns.” [smirking]
awkward pause
Connor: “Next challenge, funding.”
Schrant: "No biggies. It’s not like i am literally swimming in money, but my parents are easily coaxed into funding social interaction "
Connor: “Very unusual, but a stupid solution that works is still a valid solution. Third Challenge: Travel.”
Schrant: “How so?”
Redwood: “Connor does not have passport or a similar document to allow regular travel…”
Connor: [nodding]
Schrant: “How are we gonna get him halfway across the world then? In a crate full of bubble-wrap??”
Redwood: “BWAAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!!! Imagine OOPS delivering Connor in a giant frigging crate!! HAHAHAHHHHAHA!!”
Schrant: “And then they find him sitting in this b-”
Connor: “This may actually work.”
Schrant: “WHAT??”
Connor: “Me being sent as cargo is the best idea we cur-”
Tonsom: [shouting across the room while cooking] “Hey, dipshit! If your friends are deciding to go to Sweden, you are to go as well.”
Connor: [turning around] “Got it.” [talking to the others again] “Sending me via AirFreight is our current best bet is what i meant to say.”
Schrant: “How the fuck are we supposed to legally send a human via AirFreight?”
Redwood: “Here’s the kicker. He isn’t a human.”
Schrant: “Ah just fuck off… no way he can NOT be human…”
Redwood: “Yo Connor, can you show the damage Frank did when assaulting you at the used car dealer like a year or so ago?”
Connor: “Sure.”
Tonsom: [from the stove] “I HEARD THAT!”
Connor pulls back his right sleeve revealing a normal looking forearm. He then roatates it in a way to show the actual would, which, going against the expectation of Schrant, is a glossy grey-ish-white spot with edges incrementally transitioning into regular skin color. That white spot also shows a small crack along the center.
Schrant: [silence]
Redwood: [smug grin]
Connor: [still holding up arm]

awkward pause

Redwood: “We could go further to conceal him being human…”
Schrant: [still dumbfounded] “Errr…”

another awkward pause

Schrant: “I think it’s kinda disturbing, but i sorta wanna know…”
Redwood: “As a surprise once he gets to Sweden?”
Schrant: “Dice roll!”
Redwood: “Connor? I need two d6s rolled after each other.”

Connor literally opens the screenshare function of Woosh on random.org, all while still holding his arm into the camera.

Connor: “Who starts?”
Redwood: “Let him start. If i win, it’ll stay a surprise. If You do, we’ll show immediately or not at all. Also, we’ve seen your arm, thanks…”
Connor puts the arm down, then rolls a 2.
Schrant: “Aw fuck…”
Connor rolls a 5.
Redwood: “YASS!!!”
Schrant: [face buried in hands] “Just let it not be completely… brain-killing, please…”
Redwood: “Sooo… this happening?”
Schrant: “Sure thing!”

A few other meetings follow to discuss travel, housing and other stuff that needs organizing.
In the end, the team agrees to leave Tonsom in Michigan and ship Connor via OOPS air freight.
The time in Sweden will be spent at a vacation rental house near the city of Jonkoping as a group.

to be continued

seperate credit to @GetWrekt01 for putting windows
had to redo like 99% of the interior tho, sooo…


Reeeeee give credits for putting windows and interior on your car or I’ll :dagger:

Edit: Goog boi.
smh still gonna go on about interiors


One last friendly reminder, it is about two days left until deadline now. From some of you I have got the car file but no presentation in the thread. Others have presented the car and team but I haven’t seen any car file. Both of them needs to be done before friday if you want to enter.



Somewhere in southern California

Stella had just arrived from her campus and was boiling a pot of pasta. The old apartment carried a stench of mothballs and stale paint that probably had lead in it, and it was beginning to peel in some places. The neighbors below her frequently got into fights with each other, to the left of her engaged in drunken parties on a near-daily basis, and above her shagged relentlessly as if they were trying to repopulate the planet. Sometimes the water was too cold, sometimes the heater blew too hot. Sometimes she found it mildly inconvenient, others she wished she had never signed the lease in the first place. But it was home, and it was hers.

Her phone suddenly started to buzz from the countertop. She turned the heat on the stove down to medium as bubbles began to collect at the surface, and she answered the call.


From the other end of the call, Stella could hear intermittent breaths that were just barely picked up by the phone, as well as the occasional echo of a pair of footsteps. Suddenly, a yell.


Stella was caught off guard and gasped as she tensed her shoulders for a few seconds, only relaxing when she recognized the voice. It was Yoona, an International Business major who had just finished her second year of university, the same institution as Stella. They met at their school’s Kpop club during Yoona’s first year, and have hit it off since then.

Yunnie, don’t scare me like that. I’m at home making dinner, where are you?

I just finished my last final, thank god. I felt pretty good about it buuuuuuuuut I left super early, so I don’t know if I did well or if I fucked up. Anyways, I’ll be home in about 20 minutes. Do you want boba? I’m going to stop by 58 Degrees Bakery.

Stella opened the box of penne pasta shells and dumped it into the pot of water that danced and rolled with bubbles.

It’s okay. I have tea already, but thank you.

Hey, are you doing anything the next few weeks?

I have to meet up with Professor Valentine so he can approve my research topic. Why do you ask?

So… do you remember how you said you’ve always wanted to go traveling? Like in France, or Belgium?

Oh, I’d love to! I mean… of course, I would have to talk to Professor Valentine and see if I could postpone the meeting. Where did you have in mind?

I hear Sweden’s super nice this time of the year! We could go rent a car and go sightseeing, since I have my international drivers’ license, you know? Instead of just being stuck in Stockholm the whole time.

Yunni… are you sure about that? That sounds dangerous if it’s just going to be the two of us. That sounds so fun but I’d have to get my parents’ permission… and Professor Val-

Stella, it’s going to be okay! Sweden’s super safe, and we can always find an AirCNC to stay at too. It’s not like we’ll be camping out in the forest or anything like that. In fact, I met some international students from Sweden in my IB classes and they’re pretty chill. And I even asked them, and they said they’re cool if we could crash at their place for a few nights!

Letting out a prolonged sigh, Stella stirred the penne pasta with chopsticks as they were caressed and tossed about by the ripples of the boiling water.

It’s not that. Yunnie, I would love to go. Sweden’s actually the one country I wanted to visit the most. But I don’t know if I’m going to be able to afford even a week off. You know how much my parents are expecting from me.

The damn pasta was finally done cooking. Stella picked up one cooked penne pasta with her chopsticks, blew on it, and bit on it to test its firmness. She liked her pasta cooked al dente. Satisfied with its consistency, she tucked her phone between her cheek and shoulder as she drained the pasta.

For sure. Here, you should definitely talk to your parents and your professor and see if they’ll be fine with you going! It’s totally cool if you can’t make it, though. We can always go another time. But you’re always so busy with your studies, and it’s been FOREVER since we’ve went out and done something, you know? Remember the Blackpink concert? That was wayyyy back in September.

Okay, I’ll ask them. But no guarantees!

Yay! Okay, I’ll see you at home. Oh, by the way, I’ve been researching where to stay and destinations to visit if we do go. I’ve also found a car we could use if we’re set on doing the roadtrip thing! I’ll send you some pictures, tell me what you think! It’s an old Seikatsu pickup, it’ll be slow as fuck but it’s so cool! Okay, see ya!

Stella opened her mouth to protest, but decided to drop it and end the call.

See you.

Despite Yoona being highly impulsive, she was always diligent about whatever she was truly passionate about, even if she wasn’t sure if it would ever come to fruition. Her energetic and extroverted nature was a stark contrast to Stella’s reserved and focused behavior, but perhaps that was what made them as close as they were. Perhaps Stella was attracted to the carefree lifestyle of Yoona where she could seemingly live life to the fullest, and perhaps Yoona was drawn to the resolve and dedication of Stella.

Stella’s phone buzzed once more, this time with a CocoaTalk message from Yoona. She opened the application and scrolled through the pictures one by one. It was a 1985 Seikatsu. Specifically, a “10K FX Crew Cab Type Rally Raid Tidebreak Turbo” with performance and appearance parts from PRIDE (Performance and Racing Instinct, Deus Ex), one of Seikatsu’s in-house tuning brands.

It’s so old…

Dramatis Personae STELLA
AGE 22
HEIGHT (cm) 161
WEIGHT (kg) declined to state
OCCUPATION graduate student (Bioengineering)
HAIR/EYE COLOR dark brown/dark brown
CAR none

AGE 20
HEIGHT (cm) 171
WEIGHT (kg) declined to state
OCCUPATION Impending 3rd year university student (International Business)
HAIR/EYE COLOR platinum blonde/dark brown
FAVORITE ARTIST 88rising, Red Velvet
CAR bagged 2012 Seikatsu Prince 350G HF


Looks very much like my 1985 Nissan King cab. I hope that it is faster…


would be helpful to call names on that one




@stm316 - a teaser? And nothing more.
@Kyuu77 - presentation of the car, but no team presentation or car file.
@mart1n2005 - as above
@mat1476 - complete presentation but no car file
@Tzuyu_main - as above
@Mikonp7 - car file but no presentation
@ST1Letho - as above
@GetWrekt01 - as above
@Caligo - as above

Now, most of you are probably working on it, it’s just a friendly reminder since I don’t want to hear “Hey, where is my entry???” after this one has started. :blush:


I’m literally writing it now… hold your horses.:rofl:


Team “But…Stickers, bro!”

Meet Pat, Hugh and Joseph, three guys with very Irish names and bugger all idea how they got them. The guys were tooling around… I mean… on a working holiday through Northern Europe. Passing an old race track, they saw the poster for this event next to a ratty looking Puttazlong GC2500. Upon asking the track manager, they learned the car was to be scrapped in a week and bought it on the spot. The 3.0 litre “injected” I6 turned over after a battery change and a can of WD40. They removed the intake filter, cat and muffler and advanced the timing until just before pre-ignition. Test drives implied it had a reasonable improvement in power. A trip to the local sticker shop (or something), some chicken-wire over the broken headlight, and a big, fat, fake exhaust tip made the idiots smile. Let the carnage begin.




Kate - age 22
Her father spent some time as an Indy driver. She’s always been around cars. Despite her mother trying desperately to interest her with dance… she ended up a gear head, and is known as a car whisperer of sorts.

Brandon - age 21
An American who came to Sweden for an internship with a famous Swedish Auto manufacturer, he loves to race, and cut his teeth on New York’s Watkins Glen track (in the LeMons circuit).

Erik - age 24
Full Swede, full petrolhead, full metal.

The three met a year and a half ago at a car meet. Brandon initially chatted up Kate (he still has a crush on her) while they were looking at the cars. Erik was actually on his way out, waiting for an open spot to merge with traffic. That’s when the car behind him failed to stop and hit him from behind. Brandon and Kate heard the impact and turned around in time to see Erik get out of his car and yell, “You SAUSAGE!” to the other driver. They knew they would have to meet him.


Erik and Kate are waiting for Brandon to arrive with the car for the race. He said he got a “smoking deal”…

BRANDON: “I’m here! It’s here! FEAST YOUR EYES!”
Kate and Erik run outside to see…

ERIK: “What the hell is that?”
KATE: “An Armor Cricket… looks like an eighty-ni… is that a real SC?! That’s a turbo car, right?”
BRANDON: “Well… yeah, I mean… yeah it’s real.”
ERIK: “…Wait, what the hell is wrong with it?”

Kate was already opening the hood.
KATE: “Oh, what the crap, Brandon…”
BRANDON: “I know… look, I bought it off some kid who tried to tune it. He had ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA what he was doing. It runs pretty rough right now but…”
KATE: “No shit he didn’t know what he was doing! Turbo plumbing is crap… stupid aftermarket air cleaner. Chinese turbo is so big it probably won’t even spool! What the hell did he do to the wires?! Ugh… look how he grounded that shit stereo system! AHAHAHA!!”
BRANDON: “I know… I was hoping, if anyone could turn this into a competitor, it would be you Kate.”
KATE: “I’m gonna need some time with this… alone.”
ERIK: (to Brandon) “Oh, shit. Looks like you’ve got some competition!”

Two weeks later Kate called the guys over to her shop to update them.
ERIK: “Is it a race car now?”
KATE: “…It’s a car now. Kid did an oil change and dumped oil in the spark plug valley. Fouled out all the plugs and disintegrated the wires. When it started running rough he changed the distributor, and wired it the wrong way. This car was running on ONE cylinder. As for the turbo… I had to take it out. I don’t exactly have a spare one lying around. It’s ok though, I advanced the timing all I could and got it to run pretty well on premium. It may not be fast but we’ll get great fuel economy.”
BRANDON: “Crap… no turbo?”
ERIK: “A slow race car? That’s Metal as FUH…”


A team of Belgians,2 police officers and 1 truck mechanic. Made up of Gilles Lemaire, Tiesj Kurkes (the police officers) and Tomas Van Doorn (the truck mechanic).
One day, Gilles was visiting his grandads apartement. He had recently lost his licence, and had given his 1986 National vanguard 1000 to a teenager next door. Unfortunately, they gave up with their driving career after an injury, leaving the “tastefully modified” car abandoned. His grandad was more than happy to sell it for only 50 euros. The car was in a state, with a bit of rust and a lot of damage, as well as missing/mismatched peices.

Tomas was at work one day, when he picked up a copy of the swedish magazine announcing the race. He instantly texted Gilles to suggest it. His colleague Tiesj was also interested, so the 3 will be entering the race using the car, now modifed with a rally style hood, a police style livery and many aggressive touches.


Team Korsika

3 men and a Renwoo

The plan was simple: Get a plane to Corsica from Germany, get drunk for a week, buy a car from someone and drive all the way back to have a race… and a drink.

Doing this roadtrip are childhood friend,
Markus Flenner (26, ‘free spirit’, Chai tea drinker and driver),
Azan Yeema (22, barkeeper, car normie, driver) and
Justus Kleinmann (25, 1st year mechanic apprentice, ‘Ducttape will fix everything’, mechanic)

After days of cheap hotels, tousands of kilometers and bad beer, the crew finally arives at the Trafikjournalen run ready to … get a taste of the refreshments.

More pics:


Alba Racing Team (Yes, The Official one), 2020
The guys at the Alba performance division were looking for stuff to do; They had made supercars, Sports cars and Hypercars. However they hadn’t been racing much, With their only relevance in the motorsports world being the Project GT GT3 kit.
They didn’t really want to spend much money, since develloping the tecnologies on the Cinnatra Hyper Concept was expensive, So they were looking for small, More niche events.

Insert the managers discovering this event.

They went and told Jose Torres, Terry Graham, Alex Picon and Tom Sykes about it, And then just set then in a garage with 17 grand, A catalog of used Alba cars on the market and the promise of a box of parts.

What they bought was the 1972 Alba Saline DL-40 K-spec: The basest base model of the Saline.

That’s what it looked like entering the garage
It had no major issues, Some rust under the bodywork at most.

Once they got it, They painted the car the classic Racing green with “golden” Accents, The usual livery for the team.

They bored and stroked the engine, Installing the internals from the slightly superior DL-43.
They smacked on a mechanical fuel injection system from the parts bin, Installed tubular exhaust headers and tweaked the ignition.
The team also swapped out the manual locking differential for an Open one.
For some weird reason they also removed plastic bits from the grilles, No idea why, They just did it.
They stripped the interior and called it a day, The car was inscribed After.

Jose Torres and Alex Picon will be the drivers, Alex being more aggresive and Jose preferring to conserve the car.
Tom Sykes and Terry Graham are going to be standing in as crew, Although Tom can step in as another driver if necessary.

All they’re bringing is some oil and coolant, Some generic tools and some spares for parts like the injection system. They’re also bringing a bunch of oranges, Chips, Crackers, Cream cheese, Some soft drinks and a smol fridge on a van (An alba Arizona, Of course).


Bavarian Racing Crew

The drivers

  • Martin Herrmann: engineer with two left hands, knows everything better but cannot really help
  • Hans Huber: the actual mechanic, knows how to fix tractors
  • Christian Müller: experienced soapbox pilot

The car

1976 BAM Bavaria SB 620 BRC, 111 hp, 832 kg

The Bavarian Racing Crew arrives at the race track. After their road trip from Bavaria, especially Hans, the smallest of the three, needs to stretch his legs.

“Damn, we should have chosen a car with more than two seats!”, he says after climbing out of the rather spacious trunk, filled with two crates of the best bavarian beer, camping equipment, some spare parts and race tape. “Why did we have to take my precious car anyway?”, Martin replied, fearing the death of the old, rundown BAM they picked up earlier that year. “We could have restored it and made quite some money!” - “You would never have restored it anyway, you’d just have watched some Youtube videos and you’d have ruined the car completely afterwards”, Christian replied. “Now, let’s prepare everything for the race and take a look at our competition.”


OK, just to make things clear, since some people have been worried, yes, some of you aren’t in the starting grid even though you have sent in everything. That’s just because I haven’t been able to validate your entries without a computer. I hope to have a new one tomorrow, but I can’t promise that. But as soon as possible I will start going through your entries, and I hope you have double checked them since there will be no time to fix violations because of this.


Slow Car, Goog Car

Yep that's my fucking team name

As always, I don’t have time worth of shit to actually write up something decent before the competition starts due to various constraints. I’d be however writing up some basic things.

So if my format looks like an exact copy of Der Bayer’s, that’s because it is one.

The Drivers

  1. Zackary - One of the two original crew members from Team Rockport of the Once More competition. The team leader and the overall better, composed driver in general. If most common tools are at his disposal, he can fix most mechanical issues of a car in a jiffy. Born in the UK hence why the British flag on the car’s window.

  2. Leo - The other crew member of Team Rockport. Not as composed as Zackary but still a worthy driver for endurance type challenges, can push it to the limits if necessary and knows his way around cars a bit too well, when it comes to mechanical issues. Is from the USA.

  3. Some weird Bangladeshi dude, hence the Bangladeshi flag. Don't ask.
    Bro I said don't ask!
    What the fuck bro aite fine here you go:

    Me :smile:

The Car

1991 Hitomoji Alteron Sport.

Although it contains the name Sport it is not really that fast of a car.
It does 0-60 in 9.3 seconds, has 116 humble Horsepower and only a 4 speed shifter. It’s really just a family hatchback with some sportier bits here and there to make it look edgy and tactile.

So why not submit a true sport variant? Because this is endurance racing, all I care about is how reliable and efficient this car is and how simple it is to fix. It sips fuel and it is as reliable as a real life Toyota (okay less than that but close).

Moar pics

Backdated ass pic ^^

What’s with all these sponsor stickers and decals? Find out in the next episode of DRAGON BALL… fuck wrong outro… anyway yeah whatever I’ll explain it next time now I gotta gooooooooo