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The Achlula Motor Company


Achlula is a company…a American company that buids cars now to the history (some to be decided tho)

1947: Achlula is founded by Qwerty Achlula Dekjaan (yes that’s his name and he’s America too!)
1949:first car built (really just a modified ford model A but whatever) it had a updated engine and suspension(called the A666) it was called that because Qwerty was a Santanist
1951 and a half: Nash buys them out (I dunno why…eh)

1959: Achlula now sells badge engineered Nash cars (yeah basically Chrysler but
before the 80s)

1960s:they sell badge engineered cars

early 1970: F**K THEY BECOME INDEPENDANT WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO WITH NO FORMER CAR KNOWLEDGE (except knowing how to badge engineer) NOOOOOOO (btw the fuel crisis happens in 1975 and 1981 in this world)

1971:oh Qwerty dies YES! (he was shit anyway)
NOV 22nd 1971: BILL MCkelar Achlula (his son ) takes over being a better person he starts designing a car (with the little money they have left) and out comes the
1972: ACHLULA ARIES (first gen 1974 to 1978) SHOWN AT THE GENEVA AUTO SHOW 1972. chevy got snooping around and they liked it sooooooooooooooo
1972 SEP: Chevy f***ing buys them BUUUUT lets them have free will just they get 25% of the revenue and they fund the company

that’s the history (so far) now on too the cars (sorry for the grammar and English)and this is the better version of the other Version of the ACHLULA company but heres the 1974 (the release file of the car)
Achlula Aries - Executive-XL(Auto).car (45.6 KB) (it the top model btw)
I will update in the future :slight_smile:


Everyone gets a car for Christmas!


lol the color is red and you get tiny little horns


Achlula Aries 1st Gen 1974-1978 top model

so this is the top model EXECUTIVE XL (AUTO) I think with the 4.4? litre v8 producing 136 hp (pretty miserable) and 271 nm of torque but it weighs 1.5 tons (even with the luxury settings)

reving to about 5700 rpm (if it doenst break before hand)
—the Aries is the “flagship” model of 1974 a premium family car at lower trims and a luxury cruiser at higher—

the trims go EXCUTIVE XL (Auto and manual) a bigger EXecutive (eh)
Executive(again a A and M) a smaller xl executive

a GLX ( a and m) a slighty less tech and cheaper executive

BASE it has a 3.8 litre Inline 6 producing 116 hp and around 233 nm of torque and slighty less I say “tech”

(im only posting the top models of each car and describing the other trims)


  • Brakes: front 26cm 1 piston Solid Disk -Rear 22cm drum brakes

  • Interior: top model is (I don’t care about the lower trims) luxury and luxury 8 track and 5 seats (more coming tomorrow)

  • Transmission is either a 5 speed manual or a 3 speed “DeluxeDrive” auto
    *Open Diff
    *Longitudiinal RWD
    *Hydropnumatic Suspension - Twin Tube - Passive

  • 218mm ride height (this is all the top model only)

  • 195s all around

*Steels Rims

*Medium Compound tires