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Been answered a bazillion times already. Probably not in vanilla Automation. Maybe as DLC, but only AFTER vanilla is completed. Der Bayer is working on this in his own time, with help from the devs where needed. No word on if/when it will be included in Automation. For now we have forum competitions, and Next-gen BRC (this thing you’re posting about).


I guessed it had been answered and checked the FAQ and the search (All search results I found was for very elaborate suggestions)
So thanks for enlightening me


Little Dev Update: Track Editor

Take a look at the Track Editor, which will probably be released when the track calculations of Automations are updated. For the current version in Automation it is not accurate enough, because some errors have been fixed and the track does not match the course the car will be driving in the game currently.




Little question: is there a way to split an existing track section? I imagine that might be handy if you want to rough out the shape of the course and then do fine adjustments to it afterwards.


So I’m going to have to redo all of my tracks because they won’t work anymore? Also, I see that was quite time-lapsed. how long did the track take to make ready for exporting without elevations?


You would have to make minor adjustments, I would estimate the effort to less than 5 minutes per track. Basically it only means adjusting corner angles by +/- 1° and maybe scaling the track length to your desired value. Not a big thing, but if you don’t do it, the car will visually go off track on longer circuits. The Hockenheimring less than 10 minutes to make from scratch without time-lapse (it was set to x8 in the video).

at Packbat: No you cannot split track segments yet. I don’t think first making a rough track and than refining it working properly, butI see the situations where you would want that feature. It shouldn’t be too hard to do, I’ll give it a shot.


Quick question about the way the car behaves: with the line we create, would it be more realistic to approximate the direction of the road, or to try to recreate the racing line as best as possible? That is to say, does the car absolutely, slavishly follow the line provided and tries only to achieve optimal speed along that line? Or is something else involved?


The line is intended to be the racing line. I experimented a bit with racing line optimization in the past (finding the shortest way and the line with the least curvature), but getting the results took a bit long. I don’t know if such an approach would be the right one for Automation (and the way the test track and BRC work, it would make cornering speed estimation a lot more difficult), so I sticked to the racing line definition.


Outstanding! It looks pretty simple and straightforward. Looking forward to playing around with it…if you need a tester wink wink nudge nudge.


This whole system is amazing. I really got involved with community challenges at the right time. My question is will you be able to plan the pit strategy in reverse? Say I know I want to have enough fuel for 2 extra laps at the end of the race (or 1 on a long track). Can I tell my driver to pit early, then run the next tank as far as it will go (or the end of the race, whichever comes first) so that more time is spent on fresh tires earlier?


@KLinardo: From the UI mockup, it looks like that should be possible. If, to invent an example, it’s a 40 minute race and your tank will last 30 minutes, a normal strategy might have one pit stop at 70% of race time, but nothing stops you from having your one pit stop at 30% of race time - you just need to put that down as your plan.


Derp… I somehow managed to glance past the “Number of Stops” selector in the Regular Stops settings. It was only like the first thing under Race Strategy… :blush:


Glad to be able to clear it up! :slight_smile:


Ooh, new suggestion: for pre-race training, if there are going to be various max fuel loads in the field, start with some configurable percentage of the total fuel capacity (perhaps 50%) and have each car run laps until it has to pit in for lack of fuel. That would give people an idea of the ranges of their cars and how much tyre they use covering that range.


How about an Index of Thermal effiency award. In many circles that has as much clout as winning.


emmm… can you explain this a bit more??


It is an award for the car that uses the least amount of fuel, oil, and has the fewest breakdowns. It is very prestigious because it shows how durable vehicle is in extreme racing conditions.


Any news on the progress of the new version?


yeah… still waiting for '65 BRC


You will need to wait, it take up a good ammount of time, and Der Bayer is a busy man. It will come, just be patient. :slight_smile: