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The Car Shopping Round 67 - Old and Wise [FINAL RESULTS]


Well, here are 2 additionnal photos because this ad is damn ulgy lol


As of this time, 15 entry files have been received and processed. And 16 ads have been posted.

(Just making sure y’all didn’t forget… :wink: )

About 4 and a half days left for entry, in case you haven’t already tossed your hat in the ring.


MY86 Bogliq Boxcar Entrique

Presenting, refreshed for the 1986 marketing year, the Bogliq Boxcar Entrique!!

The Boxcar is designed to fulfil the needs of the modern DINK. Lots of space out back to fill with whatever your lifestyle demands, a fully folding rear seat for a flat floor, and optional roofracks if you can’t fit everything in the cabin! The rear seat is capable of seating three abreast while comfortable front seats make life easy for yourself and your partner. The Boxcar has a frugal 1.6L four cylinder which combines acceptable performance with excellent fuel economy and which results in a car that’ll do minimum harm to your hip pocket as well as the environment.

Long term ownership of a Boxcar is also a pleasure as our 3 year, 100K warranty combines with the latest in anti-stain steel technology to supply a car that’ll last you a lifetime. And how much would you expect to pay for this privilege?

Only *$4,899… Pretty neat hey?

If you want to find yourself in the drivers seat of a Boxcar, or if you’re interested in any other Bogliq products, don’t hesitate to visit your friendly Bogliq dealer today!

Buy better, buy Bogliq

(*$9,189 @ 0% mark-up; sale price is $11,026ish)


It’s supposed to revive a Nash yes, just not the car company. All part of my entry’s silly running gag, haha.


Looks like the IP Boulevard Star is facing really hard competition on the market then, feels like they are aimed at about exactly the same audience and there is some similarities. :stuck_out_tongue:


I read your advert and, IMO, your car concept is way ahead of mine! I was thinking 1st gen Honda Jazz with some ground clearance but you’ve gone full crossover like a Subaru Leone 4x4 w/ tall suspension or Honda Civic aerowagon w/ 4x4!

Good luck with the judging process :grin:


I decided to completely abandon 4 wheel drive in favour of an advanced auto and a smaller fwd setup. Probs won’t go in my favour, but I at least have some ground clearance


I did the same thing, except with manual, still had a good off road stat, though the comfort is pretty low so that will hold mine back.



I tried building and sending a truck, but ended up submitting a lifted 4x4 wagon (with a 2.76m wheelbase - I feared that anything shorter would turn out to be too small) after realizing it was actually more practical… and could be made into a five-seater, just in case Barry and Eve have to take some friends with them.


I kind of had the Nissan Prairie (Stanza Wagon in the US) as a benchmark, and threw in a dash of Toyota Tercel 4wd and Subaru Leone.


Pictured is The Walcroft & Riley Huron with the optional ($205) Pioneer Package, including:

  • Manual locking rear differential
  • On-/offroad tires
  • Underbody protection
  • Increased ground clearance
  • Roof railing

in addition to the standard features:

  • 3.3L V6 Turbo, 138 bhp
  • 4-speed column shift automatic transmission
  • Premium interior, seating four
  • two-speaker stereo system
  • 5 mph bumpers

Options include:

  • Premium 6-speaker hi-fi system: $ 457
  • Sports Package (16" alloy wheels w/ high performance tires, sport suspension; not available in combination with the Pioneer Package): $ 335
  • Leather seats: $ 680
  • 4.7L V8, 193 bhp: $ 785

Walcroft & Riley - Automobiles, the American Way


The new Birmingham 8000x, does everything perfectly. In addition to the economical 2.9l V6 producing 130bhp and 4x4 system with locking diff, advanced 80s safety and premium interior with 8-track stereo it includes that classic, muscular look only Birmingham has to offer. Also icludes durable roof rack and safe external 5mph bumpers.


Limited time offers:

  • Automatic transmission option free only this month.
  • Fan of rallying? For only $1 more, get a 1:36 model of the Contendiente Conquista Group B currently competing in rallies all around the world!


My first entry into one of these challenges. Not all of the statistics in the ad’s main body pertain to the exact vehicle I entered into the competition; I made several trims for my own entertainment and used some from them, and any changes relevant to my entry (which is pictured) will be in the small print at the bottom of the ad. Also, the “legal limit” mentioned in the ad is 55 miles per hour.


Alright, with 72 hours left to go, I’ve received and processed entries from the following:


If you believe you’ve submitted your entry but are not on that list… you haven’t actually submitted it. :stuck_out_tongue: If you haven’t submitted your entry… tick tock! :smiley:

Also, I made a slight rules change. Realizing that there is no “Basic 80’s” safety, I’ve revised it to “Standard 70’s” or higher (which would simulate a basic 80’s level). If you REALLY want to revise your entry with this, pm me… but most of you selected higher levels anyway, so I don’t think it will matter in the long run.


You aren’t OK with basic 60s safety and an optional beach ball to duct tape to the steering wheel then?


Not even if you give me full-curtain side impact rubber duckies.


Citroen seem to get away with that with airbump