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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


Razyx put the rear engine variant in that body, it’s fine. There are a few bodies that have seemingly strange rear engines, like my own Continental, but it’s nice to have some variety.


I still prefer front-engined muscle cars - there weren’t many (any?) rear-engined ones then (although they did exist), and that’s still true now. That said, the ones that weren’t front-engined all had some merit.

This round reminds me of CSR15, except that round explicitly required us to make front-engined, normally aspirated machines. The winner of that round went on to host the current one… But is this coincidence? I’m not so sure.

And with so many over-engined cars in this round, I am starting to feel that my entry seems somewhat… conservative, to say the least.


Don’ know whether you could count the Chevrolet Corvair or not, but if you could, that’d be one.


You don’t need to give narrative or opinions to every thought you get about CSR, it gets tedious.


Most people count the Chevy Corvair and the DeTomaso Pantera as muscle cars, so you have a RR and a MR muscle.


The 1968 Washington Motors Stallion

Speed has never looked better

The 1968 Washington Motors Stallion features style and speed in one affordable package. Coming with a beautiful chrome trim and convertible top you can be ready to take the road by day and to wreck the road by night. With a 0-60 time of 7.1s and a 1/4 mile time of 15.30s, this machine is ready to fly! It also has many creature comforts such as a 3 speed automatic, 6 large seats, and power steering. With this style, speed, and price of only $14,000, nothing can stop you!

The 15.6L “Stampede” V12

The heart of the beast, the 15.6L Stampede engine makes 500 horsepower and 823 ft/lb of torque it’s plenty to bring your typical muscle car to it’s knees. With an innovative 4 barrel carburetor each cylinder gets plenty of air and don;t let this fool you, it is still American quality and reliability.

For $14,000, who else can deliver? Only Washington Motorworks


MY68 Bogliq Duster AE

In the mid 60’s Bogliq USA started to catch up with the street-racing craze and began to roll out performance models across their range. But Bogliq had do do things differently than their competition as they had no large capacity V8’s ready to roll so Europe was plundered for high horsepower engines to fill the gap until local engines were ready for action.

This resulted in some left field options of which this MY68, Action Express spec, Duster is a good example. From the outside you’d swear it packed 5 to 7 litres of V8 muscle but when you pop the hood you find out that Bogliq has gone all out and fitted a fuel injected, multiple throttle body, OHC inline six that sings all the way to 5900rpm. Inside the standard cloth interior remains with two buckets up front and a two seat bench in the back. As per most Bogliq product, the Duster AE is packing a 5 speed manual which sends power to the locked diff. The mid-sized Duster accelerates well, reaching the 100Km/h mark in 6.2 seconds and maxes out at over 230Km/h! Brakes are strong and precise but they will fade if you give 'em too much abuse and the road noise test wasn’t too bad with a reading of under 50 meaning this coupe will be a tolerable daily driver.

On the road the Duster is sure footed, never behaving badly, with a puppy like enthusiasm for the line chosen and only the most ham-fisted of drivers would find themselves in trouble in a Duster. Coupled with Bogliq’s sticker price of only $11,000, there’s a lot to like in the Duster AE, so put your eight cylinder prejudices to the side for a moment and take one out for a test drive; you’ll be sure glad you did!


Good: 6.2 sec 0/100Km, 230+Km/h top speed, looks like a V8 muscle car

Bad: Is actually a pony car, needs 98RON, doesn’t have a V8!

Buy better, buy Bogliq!


I’ll withdraw my entry as it doesn’t work well with the lore I’m trying to go for if it is front engined… (I was waiting on submitting it, but it has become obsolete)


I never got a submission from you, so there’s no problem there.


$14 000 + tax


Time to bring out the AEA Barracuda… The First Gen Barracuda.
Starting production in 1965, the first generation Barracuda was a mid-sized family sport sedan. It came in both 2 door and 4 door configurations, and used then-new Cleveland family Big Block V8. This is going to be fun!


Wildcard time!

Prior to 1970, Dynamite Motors as we know them didn’t exist. There were two halves to the company: Dynamite Motor Works, a Soviet-American group of lunatics building cheap shitboxes using large tri-cylinder tractor engines, and Dynamite Motor Tuning, who built custom hot-rods out of cars people brought in.

Somewhere along the line, a little-known motor company, Desastir, collapsed as their cars were, quite honestly, worse than Dynamite’s Soviet crap-boxes. Dynamite Motor Tuning, however, saw an opportunity to make a big fortune on buying all of Desastir’s remaining stock at auction, tuning the engines as they’d always been doing, and re-selling the cars as brand-new hot rods for people without the knowledge to build them.

The end result was a hot-rod shop that saw some limited success, and inevitably forced the two halves of the company to merge into one in 1973, becoming Dynamite Motors.


Scarab Presents the Scarab Comet 4800 S, A small muscle car for the US-market, packed with a 4.8 l V8 pushing almost 290 horses to the rear wheels. The power is transferred via a 5 speed manual gearbox coupled to an R-track differential and kicks you up to 100km/h in 5.5 secs.

To stop the car, you have discbrakes all around and an independent rear suspension adds stability and comfort to the otherwise sporty ride.

Inside you have leather lining the front back seats, and for entertainment you have a good stereo couple to a pair of decent speakers.

All this can be yours for the small price of $11400


Maine Motors Scorpio Cabrio '68.


The new Sofa 2200

Based on the proven chassis of the Sofa 1100 (Rado Communt), two Sofa 1100 engines were welded together and some mild performance parts were added to produce 137 hp. With a car this light, that will be all you need. The engine utilizes DAOHC technology to do so. Mated to a 4-speed manual and an open diff, it gets the power down. The suspension utilizes leaf springs, which according to our American market research, is a perfectly acceptable suspension setup. The tires are 165 sports tires. It also has brakes as standard too. The interior is also nice to sit in, with a radio even!

What does all this, and a quick 7.5s 0-100 km/h time cost you? $6800.


Can someone please make a Hemi Under Glass so I don’t have to?


Sadly that is mid-engined, and thus banned.


50 years ago it wasn’t enough for a real muscle car, at a time when such beasts had 300 or more… But whoever entered that tiny car has a point; it’s lighter than the heavy metal it would have to compete with.


It’s alright, a couple of us are going rear-engined so we’ll have no problem popping 1300 foot wheelies :joy:


1968 Holmer Guard SS-Redline

$13,000 get’s you 11 Liters of American Muscle. 476hp. 262km/h top end. Wide enought tires to last you a few months at most. Also smoke shows for days. The Guard SS-Redline is the Top spec of the Holmer line-up, with custom Redline Paint and SS-Redline Engine.

You know you want it.