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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


@LinkLuke actually PMed me about this a while back. The basic enquiry was the same: what would happen, would we just use the same format or should it be a new challenge etc. I don’t know, but am open to discussion.


Could always use a poll, that way it is a fair way to decide.


I would wait until there is a comparable selection of mods available (25%?); by then the game will likely be about as stable and bug free as the Kee version. This should happen a lot faster than it took in the old engine since a lot of mods only need to be ported rather than created from nothing.


The problem is will the devs abandon the kee engine before then, I personally think we have 2-3 rounds left before that happens.


That will happen when it will happen, but I would be surprised if it was only 2 or 3 weeks away. I’m sure they’ll give a significant amount of warning before removing the Kee version. For the meantime, I think abandoning Kee for competitions isn’t a particularly good idea since Kee has a lot more content (especially via mods) for entries to have variety.


I fully agree with you on that one. Even though the UE4 release has already been updated recently with additional content, there is still a lot of stuff that hasn’t been ported over yet, and doing so will take some time.


As much as I like tinkering in the UE4 version, I would much rather wait on transitioning to it for challenges until there’s more car bodies and fixtures. That said, I’m comfortable with transitioning early if I have to.


@KA24DE - Sorry for your loss and thanks for hosting under the circumstances.

FOA are proud to have finally finished in 1st place.

Rule set for CSR53 will be up later today…and it’s a bit different to what has gone before…in fact it would be more apt for the end of the month. :ghost:


CSR53 - The car of his dreams - Kee Engine

22nd of October 2017 - 0400

He awoke in a cold sweat once again.

It was always the same scenario.

It was always the same car.

But each time felt like the first time, until the end……

It’s night time and he was in the front passenger seat. The car was driving its normal route on a windy road. There are 3 faceless figures in the back seats and something banging in the boot (trunk) but once again the car had no driver.

The car, itself, was a big 50s landyacht. Green in colour, big in size and comfortable but very loud. It sounded like something being dragged back to hell when the revs got too high. It glided around the corners with ease.

The trip, disregarding the noise, was very pleasant………

The car approaches a turn and he sees a faceless figure standing by the barrier. The car accelerates towards the figure, hitting it square on the front of the car and disappears over the edge.


He wakes, shakily takes a drink of water and writes down some notes of the incident. He then adds them to his folder, detailing other occurances of this nightmare.

Notes – there are multiples of all scenarios in the diary (journal)

  1. In the boot (trunk) of a very large vehicle. It’s VERY NOISY!!! Voices inside the car. Car gliding around corners very smoothly. Sudden acceleration, a crash and the vehicle is freefalling. Impact. Awake.
  2. In the rear seats of a very large old car. It’s very comfortable. Faceless figures in back seats and one in the front passenger seat. NO DRIVER!!!. Car gliding around corners very smoothly. Sudden acceleration towards a faceless figure by a barrier. Car crashes into figure and over edge of precipice. Car heading to ground. Impact. Awake.
  3. Standing on a bend, next to barriers. Turn to see a car, filled with faceless figures, heading towards me. Car is a classic landyacht. Beautiful but, at the same time, extremely menacing, although I can’t actually describe it in great detail. Car sounds like it’s dragging mechanical hounds of hell. Car impacts with me and we go over the edge. Before impact I awoke.

He knows that the car is going to kill him….so he needs to find it….soon…and deal with the problem. He’s never been the driver so……maybe that’s the key to it all.

He starts looking through the Autotrader for this mysterious car.

Current price - $10k max (actually this the ONLY rule I’ve stipulated! )

Engine and trim must be below 1965. (My previous comment about the ONLY rule is therefore a lie! :slight_smile: )

Use Car Price Simulator V0.1 Car price simulator V0.1.zip (8.3 KB)

All cars MUST provide an advert as this will be the first point of interest.

Closing date 8am, Friday 13th of October 2017

Usual CSR53- (username) naming convention applies


So he’s looking for a huge 50s land yacht that’s very loud, yet comfortable, and elegant, yet aggressive on the outside, for no more than $10k used. This makes the current rule set a very tempting one indeed.

Also, will we still be using the Kee engine version this time? Or will we be using the UE4 version instead?


Kee version


That sounds like “a crossplane straight-piped V8 size of a small house” :smiley:


One of the setbacks for UE4 at the moment is that it’s constantly being updated and rebalanced, which could easily break cars between submission and reviewing. There’s still a lot of balancing that needs to be done before the release of the UE4 lite campaign. Once that’s released and the bugs ironed out, I’d expect the UE4 version to be more stable.


1960 BKOO St. Louis Sedan V8 360. $9900.

I have an American classic for sale. '59 BKOO in St. Louis trim. BobGlide 2spd Automatic. Factory Disc Brake. Color Code 0329 Emerald Metallic. Numbers matching motor and trans. Electric windows and seats. Power steering and brakes. No rust on it. The engine is newly rebuilt Small Block BKOO 360 with a few modifications. Cam, rods, pistons, ported heads, twin 4bbl carbs. Dyno’ed at 313whp. It’s plenty fast enough. The car currently only has glasspacks on it but will throw in proper exhaust as well. I like the sound it currently make. Must go asap. 9900 obo. It’s priced to sell.


Sounds like he’s looking for…
Christine’s Twin Sister
:worried: :worried: :worried:


Only $5,256.96 is needed to get a true American Classic. A 1954 Sinistra Savage, with 662ci pushrod V8, and custom vanity plates!

Yes, I had too much fun designing this monster. And yes, it’s intended to have two filler caps. There’s two gas tanks, after all. It’s big, loud, and a wildcard.


I have a few questions to ask about the round before I start creating (and photoshopping).

  • 1 Does the car have to be from the 50’s or can it be early 60’s (60-65)
  • 2 Can the advert be in the form of a newspaper or internet ad where we are an old owner selling our car or does it have to be an advert in the form of a manufacturer selling a new car.
  • 3 Does it really have to be Green?!? (We all know that LLA’s tend to be Bright Red-Orange)


It’s second hand, which is why in 2017 the customer is looking through Autotrader (or any other used car paper)

Very early 60s would be acceptable.

In his nightmares the car is green so…I think it does matter. :slight_smile:


Things like modern engine swaps and trim updates a-ok I take it?


I’m not sure how that would work… presumably the car’s value is based on the trim year, and modern trim year effectively makes it a modern car, and thus will make it an expensive car (near impossible to make it under $10k without small dimensions and negative quality).