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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


MY95 Bogliq Bastion Touring S

Comfortable, reliable, easy to drive and easy on the eye… The Bastion is is the car for those who like to talk quietly and carry a big stick!

The Touring S model enhances the base V6 Bastion with 15" alloy wheels, full leather and woodgrain interior, traction enhancing viscous LSD and advanced safety equipment to keep you safe.

Retailing for $29,990 driveaway, the Bastion Touring S is the last car you’ll ever need and the best car you’ll ever own, so hurry on down to your friendly local Bogliq dealer and secure a Bastion Touring S today!!!

Buy better, buy Bogliq


The 1995 Maesima NV-995 is a midsize car which was manufactured by Maesima from 1993 to 1997. The sedan, liftback and estate models were released in May 1993, they were produced in Anikatia at the main factory facilities in Namju.

The Maesima NV-993 Series II sedan, liftback and estate models were released in June 1995, featuring a revised look with new front fascia, tail treatments in addition to mechanical changes including revised transmission ratios and further refinements to the ride and handling.

The transmission options consisted of a four-speed automatic and five-speed manual units. Furthermore, the NV-993 range in most markets consisted of the Xz, Tz, ST, DTz and ST-X trims.

The Thailand spec version of the Tz trim came equipped with a detuned version of the 2.0 litre four-cylinder petrol MC-GF19 engine with double overhead cams and four valves per cylinder of the MCG series producing 93 kW (124 hp) and 167 Nm (123 ft lbs).

Mated to the five-speed manual the Tz trim achieves an estimated 7.97 L/100km (29.5 mpg, 35.4 imperial mpg, 12.54 km/l).

Starting at 11,400 (+0%)

Shown in optional Phthalo Green Metalic

NV-993 Tz Sedan 2.0L Manual

  • 2.0L I4 engine with 5-speed manual transmission
  • 14” Alloy Wheels & Houyan Touring EK100 tyres
  • Fog lights, Sunroof
  • Power door lock, windows, and mirrors
  • Nisikou AM/FM radio with cassette player audio system
  • A/C and Cruise Control
  • Power steering, Driver SRS Airbag
  • Antilock Braking System (ABS)
  • Front Vented Disc Brakes
  • Rear Disc Brakes

Designer / Chief Engineer

Maik Eberhardt / Don Ji Seok


Namju, Anikatia

NV-993 Tz Sedan 2.0L Manual : $11,400 (+0%)


1995 Kageshima Progress

When penning the next generation Progress in the late 80s, Kageshima chief designer Inoue Yorugashi had to strike a delicate balance: The already oldish customer base was aging faster than time moved forward, so a modern looking car was required to appeal to younger buyers, but at the same time the car needed to look classic and timeless so as not to scare off the hitherto loyal customers.

The 3rd generation Progress, first released in late 1991, came with the usual Kageshima build quality and a variety of engines, the most popular of which was the 2.6L SOHC 145hp variant of a newly developed I6, a silky unit endowing the sedan with adequate performance. Combined with copious interior space and a plethora of creature comfort items such as powered seats, mirrors and windows all round, dual zone climate control and an 8-speaker sound system, the Progress was a comfortable cruiser, still conservative, but at least roughly pointing towards the 21st century.

Retail price in 1995: 24,780,- (40% markup; 17,700,- @ 0%)


I remember the estate version of that car. It first appeared in CSR41 of I am not mistaken. This, then, must be a new variant. And despite the boxy styling, it still looks like a 90s car.



The Last Hurrah for the PRJ F85, this is the final model of a 10 year run. A Premium sedan, with a 2.5L V6, an AWD system, and a 5 speed manual transmission. With a cost of $19,300, this is the most expensive, and most luxurious F85 made, and feels very fitting for a Last Hurrah.



Introducing the 1995 Letto 214, a Premium Sport Utility or Family Sport Sedan, It could be Yours for Just $17400:

(Tried to Recreate my Lite Campaign Car from 1995, But Lacked AHS Steel & Electronic Stability)
(Edited to Show Revised Name & Stats due to what I Had being over the Engine Size Limit.)


The DMA W95 luxury wagon.
With a 171 horsepower 3.4 liter V6, 5 speed automatic that delivers 26mpg combined.
Comfortable seating for 5, Cd player, advanced safety
Factory installed Tow package rated for 3000lbs

The W95 does many things well and with DMA’s standard quality it will do them all well into the future.

$25,000 at 34% markup


60 hours left to send in entry! I have 13 entries right now.

Now. For those who have not decided their approach yet. I want to encourage a little more variety and creativity. So for the first time in the history of CSR. Here are a few approaches that no one came up with yet.

This body is futuristic and sporty. AWD, 4-Cylinder Turbo and yobbish styling would go well with it.

A straight up simple little sedan car. 1.5-litre is all you ever need in a car like this. Make it bulletproof.

The classic weird ass car. They’re cars for people who will never have anything else again.

V6, high revs, FWD and sharp, discreet styling. I wonder where’ve heard of that before?

I don’t limit PU or ET because of this body. You don’t even need to go over 1.8-litre

This too is a classic weird ass car. Driven mostly by enthusiasts.

This round is about feeling, correct? Google Yue Loong Feeling and get going!

You might think this body is a bit naff, no morph, a little old. But it’s just the right size and looks really good.

A car for time attack, bro. Ultimate driving machine. etc.etc.

Imagine weird Japanese only model of the 90’s. Wouldn’t this body be perfect for such car?


1995 JHW Kestrel 300i

The mid-size equivalent of the much lauded JHW Harrier. $17,500 OTR


Exil Trhyos

Your Knight has arrived. And is here to stay

call your local Exil Dealer for details, test drive and price


Damien-Benoît Lumineux, equipped with the 2.5L V6 and 5 speed manual, yours for $12500 (0% markup).

Call your DB dealer today for more details and to book a test drive.


So. Only 24 hours from the deadline! I have received cars from…


16 entries. 24 hours left. And I’ve made sure the result will arrive as quickly as possible. :slight_smile:


1995 Adenine Veranda

Comfortable cruising since 1967.

$15800 @ 0%.


$15k @ 0% markup, price advertised is OTR.


(insert last-minute attempt at a wildcard)

Suzume Kaminari GS (Classic Series)

Available worldwide from 1981 to 1989, the 2nd generation Kaminari proved to be a versatile platform. Models ranged from entry-level mid-sized hatchbacks to a feisty, rally-inspired turbo toy in its top GS-R trim.

While the Kaminari was refreshed on a completely new global platform in 1990, the “Classic” series was still available in most markets (with the exceptions of Japan, North America, and Western Europe.) It was repositioned slightly down-market, losing the turbocharged GS-R trim, and gaining different packaging.

Even still, the “Classic” series’ top GS trim could be spec’ed out as an affordable premium car, while still offering fun driving dynamics garnered from the previous generation’s sport models.

This particular example includes leather seating appointments, dual air bags, 4-wheel antilock disc brakes, and a power sunroof. It is powered by an all-aluminum 2.2 liter Ishi straight-6 with Variable Valve Timing, mated to an all-wheel drive 5-speed manual with limited slip differential.

*Dealer cost (0% markup) - $14700


Quite precisely 12 hours left to send in entries!


1995 Megacorp LFC1 LP

In this era of marshmallow cars, shouldn’t the moist stoic and mature of us drive something reflective of ourselves? Introducing the new Megacorp LFC1 liftback sedan. Available with a 3.3L V6 and 4 speed automatic, it’s the car that will remain stylish for decades to come – after all, it’ll last that long.

LP trim available for $15,600.


A true premium car doesn’t have to prove anything to anybody - that’s not it’s point. A true premium car can is about what’s inside - a mobile bubble of silence, tranquility and comfort. An oasis on the go. And the new Espada can be just that, with it’s spacious, finely crafted interior, refined suspension and smooth V6 engine, delivering its power in an exceptionally civilised manner. You only need to let the sleek lines of the new Espada tempt you.


1995 BM 160-A

Who says you have to sacrifice for fun?

Thanks to it’s futuristic all-aluminium body and engine, the 160-A can seat 4 in premium comfort whilst weighing under 1200kg, coupled together with a sophisticated AWD system, corners are no match for this machine, and even adverse weather won’t stop you getting where you want. The 1.6 16V turbocharged inline 4 can rocket the 160-A to 62mph in just 7.3s, while delivering up to 7.5L/100km (31 US MPG)

Only $15,300