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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


I’ll see if it gets fix by Monday. I’ll use my 3 days allowance in finishing the reviews. We will have discussion if anything goes wrong even then.


The 2019 Rennen Apophis. A diamond sword.

MT-R trim shown in Ragata Crimson Metallic.

For 2019, Rennen unveiled the Apophis sport coupe and roadster. It is available in 3 trims; a Comfort-oriented “Prestige” trim, a middle-ground “Vigor” model with more dynamic suspension tuning, and a range-topping “MT-R” trim. 2 engines are available; a potent 600 BHP 5.5L Liter Twin-Turbo V12 and a balanced 450 BHP 4.2L Twin-Turbo V8. AWD is standard for all V12 models and optional on V8 models; MT-R trims do not have a V8 option or a convertible option. Prestige trims do not have a V12 option. All engines are mated to a 7-Speed DCT. 4-wheel independent suspension and adaptive dampers are standard on all models. Carbon-Ceramic brakes are optional on V8 models and standard on V12 models.

MT-R trim shown in Ragata Crimson Metallic.

The design was handled at the Rennen headquarters in New York. A long, low bonnet marks one of the Apophis’ main stylistic points. Signature Angel Wing headlights reappear again, with a more contemporary and unique twist in order to create a sexier front profile. The body is long and low, with distinctive side vents and accenting in order to truly accentuate the glorious bodywork of the Apophis. The rear has shapely taillights which contrast with the generally flat surface that is placed upon it, yet it remains harmonious with the car’s design.

Prestige V8 S2 Roadster trim shown in Sapphire Blue Metallic.



As painful as it is to admit defeat, I have to do something to ensure that the CSR is running smoothly and in timely manner. The import still hasn’t been fixed. And I don’t think it’s going to be fix quickly enough for it to not interfere with running CSR.

I will have to do something.

I need all of you who’ve submitted the car to resubmit the car, but this time you won’t use the export feature.

I need the following screencap (which should be easy enough). But you have to follow the instruction below carefully as I will not accept any errors.

You have to downsize the picture for it to be small enough for upload on Automation discourse! I don’t need the picture being at the game resolution. (Alternatively just use Dropbox or Google Drive).

  • The last engine tab. With the picture of the engine itself that shows the whole thing.

  • And torque curve.

  • The overview car tab.

  • Car design tab.

  • Tyre tab.

  • Brake tab.

  • Interior tab.

  • Luxury and assists tab.

  • Suspension tab.

  • And lastly. A nice, picturesque picture of your car from the photo mode. You may only submit ONE picture. Which better be the angle of your car that looks the best. You may take one from the already submitted advert, but you must submit only ONE.

Package all screencap into one .zip or .rar and PM it my way. It doesn’t have to be in that exact order.

If you happen to delete the car already for some reason, just remake the whole thing again.

And because I don’t want it to delay for much longer, I’ll accept the entries for 48 hours from now. Which means anybody who hasn’t submitted yet may still do that.

And I wish to request another 72 hours after that for the reviews to be finished. (If people aren’t okay with this I have no problem finishing it in 24 hours, just don’t expect much in terms of quality.)

I’m sorry for the inconvenience. But it’s what I gotta do. The worst thing is that had I run the CSR58 in UE4 it would’ve worked perfectly. But that’s just how life goes I guess…


So, this means CSR61 will go back to Kee no matter who hosts it? Or if it stays in UE4, will this method be used until the import/export feature works perfectly?


Given just how much pain that’s gonna be, and the fact that this going to cause this much trouble despite the fact that conan has previously shown himself to be a very organised host, my vote would be: no more UE4 until it’s stable.

As it stands, known current issues include: it’s freezing every 10 seconds, the suspension balancing is off (especially the sway bars), fixture placement and stamping is completely destroyed by moving certain fixtures and hitting the back button, the comfort rating is unpredictable and some of the other stats probably need rebalancing. There’s huge potential with the new system but it just needs to settle down more unless all we’re doing is taking beauty shots.


It’s a shame, really. As running CSR58 with UE4 would’ve been okay. I didn’t plunge for that because I was worried about issues. In hindsight, it was a terrible option I’ve chose.

Anyhow, it was my fault not checking if the feature is working correctly before deciding on running the game on UE4. It’s something that has to be accepted with Open Beta such as this. I apologize for any trouble that my short-sighted decision have caused.

I hope to salvage whatever that is still possible at this moment. The idea itself is very sound and I’m sure we still can make something really good out of it. Screen-capping will not take more than 10 minutes if it doesn’t throw out bugs. (Which of course on my run it didn’t.)


I agree with this one fully. It’s a shame the host of CSR60 took a leap of faith into UE4 just when it had entered the latest open beta phase, bugs and all…


I don’t think jumping in any earlier would have really helped all that much like this last post of yours


Given that I’m now in the busiest part of my week, and this round is heavily style based according to Conan, as well as the fact that there are at least a half dozen newer entries that are clearly better looking than mine, I withdraw from this round.


Alright, I have not receive the cars from only the following people. A few people have expressed desire not to resubmit the car. Which is totally okay.


The deadline is in 17 hours.


I’m out.


Same here sadly


2018 ACA Chevalier II "BlueBoost"

First seen at NAIAS in 2018 as the last of the ACA muscle cars. While this one doesn’t come with the monstrous supercharged V10, it has a decently powerful and economical 3.6L V6. You wont be pushing fast times down the drag strip, but with an advanced automatic gearbox, you can cruise along the freeway with ease.


I don’t really have the time right now.


And the deadline is here. Expect the result within 72 hours from now.


So I heard the import function is already fixed (again!),

Will CSR61 go UE4 given that it is still openbeta and things will inevitably go wrong?


No because its likely that stuff will get broken again. So it will probably go back to kee


It’s still not working with this round. I don’t know about the future rounds though. Maybe new exports will work properly now?


Driver’s Edge: Series 4, Episode 7
First Broadcasted 5th February 2020.
Trevor Simmons

It’s good, isn’t it? A beautiful sunshine, wind in the hair, beachside cruising. Even if you’re fat and bald, a big, sporty GT cars can make your life as fabulous as Cabaret show. They’re cumbersome to drive in city, a bit clumsy on the twister, you pay through the nose to get and run one, and yet it’s everything people aspired to.

A few years ago, one of those big convertible GT cars hit the market. The Conan CS67 Convertible S. And I think it summed up this type of cars the best. It’s a large, swooping styled 2 door-convertible with a massive V12 engine up front, powering the rear wheels. A very comfortable car, for people in needs of comfortability. It was absolutely ostentatious and vulgar.

Clearly, this car is the benchmark of all convertible GT cars. This is not a car for people like you and me. It’s not for people who likes car as much as they like the way it represents your wallet. I love it to bits.

But when you stepped back from it. Hang on. We’re in 2020 right now and don’t you think it’s a bit of a dinosaur? It’s a V12 convertible car with extremely ostentatious chrome grille out front. Saying that this car is a bit Kim Kardashian is a bit of an understatement. I can’t imagine a man driving one having… you know what. And with the world’s trend moving towards something a little bit more discreet and economical. Maybe this car isn’t the right car for the moment at all.

However, maybe it’s not exactly the fault of a convertible GT cars. Maybe there are something out there that can enable your greatest California dream, without people thinking you’re a showoff. Let’s take a look at all of its rivals.

I can safely say that there’s no shortage of choice in the convertible GT cars market. And pretty much all of them are excellent. But we’re looking for the best here, and there must only be one.

But first, we must wave an early goodbye to a few cars. The Boqliq Fox @highoctanelove and the @lordletto VC ST/10. These cars failed the test because the only reason you buy a 2-doors convertible is for the looks. And I’m afraid that they’re both look too special for their own good. They got to go.

The Zasteros Riten SC @Yurimacs is a nice-looking car from the back, but awkward looking from the front. This car boasts a carbon-fibre tub chassis design that makes everybody gasp with excitement. The consequent of that is this car is very expensive, much, much more expensive than the other cars here. And for that price, you don’t really get anything substantial in return. Which means we must eliminate it from the running.

The LLA Fossular @LinkLuke is a carbon-fibre adorned 700 horsepower machine, muscular and edgy in the way that only an American car can be. It’s something that you don’t want to see in your rear-view mirror. It’s not beautiful per se, but it’s aggressive in the right way. But we must get rid of it because the driving experience is horrendous. It’s a daunting cocktail of wheel spin, traction control interference, and bump steer. The car gets unsettled a lot during hard bumps due to, I suspect, not enough spring stiffness.

The Ecamobile Broadway @mikonp7 is incredibly cheap. Which is a good thing. But it has one of the hardest suspension we’ve ever experience in a car. This is the sort of suspension that will bounce you around, making you feel like you’re in a bouncy castle. The engine is loud, which makes you hear all the great V10 noises, but masking the true fact that this is a slowpoke, it lacks horsepower from it’s 5-litre V10 engine. Which I guess makes for a proper cruising machine, but how can you look good when you’re uncomfortable? Not really.

The HWD GT-10 @vri404 has a simple design that’s not going to turn heads like some other car you’ll see. That can be a good thing. But this 4-seaters 2-door convertible appears to not really know what it is. It’s a V10 sporty stallion with hardboiled suspension tuning, no matter how much leather and wood it’s lined inside with, the car is really stiff riding. But yet, when you turn the corners in one, you realized that this wasn’t design for your driving pleasure, it’s designed to keep people who can’t drive on the road. With the consequences of lacking any pleasure behind the wheel.

The Kasai Nobel GT @goblin95 is everything that’s right about convertible 2-doors machine. Every time I see one driving by I always yearn with a desire to own one. Swooping, understated design that makes all men weak in the knee and wet on the tongue. And to drive this car is as smooth as silk lined with some velvet. It’s 470hp V12 engine is one of the quietest and smoothest unit I’ve ever experience. But I’m afraid this incredible car isn’t as good as it appears while standing still. Yes, the driving experience smooth, but the controls feel turgid, like a wet used sock in a washing machine with no detergent. And despite it being the perfect GT cruiser, it comes with the jerky Dual Clutch transmission which means it’s useless for cruising around the beachside strip. A pity really.

The Mont Royal RS-1 @thecarlover will be the next to go. It’s extremely expensive for what it is. It’s a terrific car that we think is really nice to drive around in. The gearbox is a gem of transmission design. Silky smooth, nicely spaced out gear. And it’s incredibly comfortable. But the running cost is unacceptable. Especially with the expected reliability to be merely subpar. This is a terrific looking car with all the right ingredients, but you better have the means to afford this car. Which we know, most of you don’t.

So, what shall we get rid of next? The LAP LE52? @abg7 The Salinger D10-55 AWD? @Kubboz or The Contendiente Enemigo Cabrio? @Mr.Computah

Obviously, it’s going to be the Enemigo. This, parking beside all the other cars. Seems like it’s a sales rep person’s car more than a 2-door convertible that you long for at night with your miserable life. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a very nicely styled car, a very handsome car. It’s very cheap, quite fast, and drives decently enough. But stepping inside and you’ll realized that this is indeed, economy car. But all of that can be forgiven enough if not for the fact that this has a horrendous, 1980’s style Turbo lag that makes it one dangerous car to drive.

What about the LAP LE52 then? A sporty tuned V8 machine that’s even less comfortable than the Ecamobile. It doesn’t have issue much with when you get on an even bump, but it’s really unsettled when you go over an uneven one. It’s cheap and it’s fun, but I can’t think of it as a good prospect for driving one every day. It drives reasonably good and it’s reasonably priced. But the things that push it over the edge is the fact that it doesn’t look that stunning, not a bad design, but this is 2020.

The Salinger D10-55 AWD is a car that hits all the right spot. This car is a fantastic V10 powered convertible with all wheel drive system, allowing this car to plough ahead at incredible rates in dry condition, and plough through snow very well in snowy condition. It’s cheap, it drives good, and it’s fantastic!.. The only issue I have with it is this. Why so many contradictions? This car is clearly based on a family saloon car, which is okay, but it’s rear end design is utterly ridiculous for a car with this shape. And also, it’s a soft-top convertible, so what’s the point of having AWD for adverse condition? You aren’t going to use this sort of car in adverse condition, are you? It’s a marvelous package that’s reasonably priced, that’s designed by a committee who doesn’t have an idea of what it actually is. It’s a shame because it’s really nice.

There are 3 cars left. The reason these 3 are here because they all looks so exceptional that we think they’re all a good choice even if the driving experience is total crap. Which incidentally, they aren’t.

BAM Moenis. @der_bayer Looks great, isn’t it? It looks like a movie star it actually is. What it should come with is a plinth to display, not an engine. Which incidentally is exactly what BAM did. It’s a 3.6-litre Inline 6 that produce as respectable 320hp. Which is not enough, especially at the price point it’s at. It’s a well sorted machine that’s just as comfortable as many more expensive cars. It’s great. But it’s not exactly going to light your heart on fire unless you spend more money on a more powerful version.

So, here we have 2 cars that are incredibly similar, despite them being made by 2 different companies. The Rennen Apophis, and the Revera RC 460 S. These cars are exactly what 2-doors convertible is all about. Style.

The Rennen Apophis @titleguy1 is the ultimate in sporty, edgy design that’s turning every head as it goes down the street. It’s also powered by a Turbocharged V8 engine that makes great noise… If you could hear it, actually. In fact, you cannot hear the engine in this car at all, it’s extremely quiet running that you’d be hard pressed to tell if it’s on at all. And that’s the problem. It drives good, and it’s fast enough for you to lose your license in. But where is the noise? Isn’t the point of a V8 powered 2-door convertible is to hear all the noise of the engine? You might as well buy the electric version if there’s one. Now, that’s not to say this car is bad. In fact, it’s one of the best car here. But we’re looking for that perfect one.

The Revera RC 460 S @asdren is exactly that. It’s less expensive than the Rennen. And it’s V8 engine is as shouty as it should be. The design is extremely well done, with the right amount of razor sharp edge, combined with fantastic detailing work into one tastefully modern and classy design. This is the sort of car that makes you go for another drive, even if you’ve arrived at your destination. It’s 4.5-litre V8 450hp engine is the epitome of driving experience, it’s loud, it’s lairy, and it will put a smile on your face every time you get in one. But. You’d think that this car is all about hard-edge sportiness? You’d be wrong, because this car can accommodate your old bottom as well, it’s suspension is firm in the right places, but it glides over the bumps like a GT should be. This car is the perfect 2-door convertible. The best you can buy today.


On the day of the auction. Michael Sinclair hailed one of the public automated transportation. It’s a bland looking box that has no design at all. But it can move at 200 miles per hour with very little effort while being accurate to millimeters. To old people like Mike, it’s always terrifying the way these things move, especially so close together on the designated road system.

The auction was at the convention centre on the outskirt of capital city. It’s also a classic car event show that has quite a lot of attendance. But the party piece is always the auction.

It’s an open bid auction, classic style. There was a time when all auctions moved to close bid, online system. But somebody decided to bring this system back because it’s that much more exciting to people watching, which brings more interest to the auction itself.

There are hundreds of vintage automobiles available. Ranging from an ancient 1930’s Znopresk, to the 1970’s big BKOO saloon car, and up to hatchbacks such as Baltazar or Maesima from the last day of personalized, non-autonomous driving. But the highlight of this event is a set of cars called “In Memoriam Trevor Simmons”. Which is incredibly specific.

In the glory days of non-autonomous driving. There were many entertainment shows on television (remember television? Those square things you watch stuff on). In fact, there were many medias that’s catering especially for those stuff. It died down when non-autonomous driving was banned 20-30 years ago. And it just coming back during recent years where non-autonomous driving is becoming in vogue again.

Trevor Simmons was a famous car journalist who was the poster child of anti on bans of non-autonomous driving. He passed away 12 years ago just as the driving become unbanned.

In fact, it was one feature on the show that makes Michael decided to get into driving.

So why is there a section of the auction that’s dedicated to the late Simmons? You see, there was a segment he did. Trevor Simmons presented a section of TV show called “Driver’s Edge” back in 2020. It’s been circulating around as the reason why “driving” is a great activity. It’s a rather simple segment called “2-doors convertible of 2020”. But in it, Trevor went into exactly the reason why driving each car is a unique and exhilarating experience.

So, in order to commemorate his showing. The auctioneers managed to gather a few examples of cars from exactly that segment to auction out. Which brings in incredibly high interest from people all over due to it’s being a cult classic.

The problem is, many cars are now a proper classic, with huge following from fans all over the planet. Most car will be expensive to buy, and Michael is on a budget. So any car with stupid “scene” tax will be out immediately.

A bright orange Salinger D10-55 AWD. @kubboz An incredibly rare car due to not selling much unit even back in 2020. But also because it didn’t have much of a following. Michael is interested in it because he thinks it looks good. And it shouldn’t cost him much to buy because not many people are interested. It’s not what enthusiast wish to buy.

VC ST/10 @LordLetto is another car that they’re auctioning off. But Michael wasn’t interested because he thinks it doesn’t look good.

The LLA Fossular @Linkluke is an interesting choice. But with the following it has due to incredible power? Michael thinks it’s not a car for him, it’d be much more expensive than he thinks he could afford. Especially with the rabid fanboy of high power machines.

The LAP LE52 @abg7 might be a good option. But it’s only available as a Manual transmission, which Michael cannot drive at this moment, and also usually goes for higher rates because people think Manual transmission is more fun.

The Kasai Noble GT @goblin95 is an interesting option. It depreciated a lot due to being tricky to maintain and not sporty in the way that most driving enthusiast wants. But Michael has somebody who can do the work for him. But the latter part is bugging him as he wish to buy the car for driving experience.

The HPD GT-10 @Vri404 could also be good, but as Michael wish to buy the car for driving experience, as was stated. The car that doesn’t get good review for being not nice to drive it a difficult car to buy.

Contendiente Enemigo @Mr.Computah is an example of cheap car getting “scene” tax. It’s a cheap car to buy back in 2020. But good handling, powerful engine and nice experience all makes it a very expensive car to buy these day. It’s small size make it a lot of fun, and doesn’t bring about only the people who wish to have modern car styling, but also those who wish to have classic 1990’s driving experience as well.

Ecamobile Broadway @Mikonp7 was another cult classic. It wasn’t popular back in 2020. But it’s very popular with track crowds now. It’s easy to maintain, easy to modify, and it’s incredibly raw to drive. All of which makes driving enthusiast goes crazy at one.

BAM Moenis 636 @der_bayer is another car that might be interesting. While it was a movie star once, the car still doesn’t really have the prestige of being a cult car, it was a traditional blockbuster summer movie with no merits, so it’s not really a classic. It’s also produced in huge number with a lot of them left. Michael also think it looks terrific and should be relatively affordable, especially when it’s the undesirable 636 model.

The Revera RC 460 S @asdren is also another car that didn’t get scene tax. While the review boasted the car as being the ultimate choice. With the styling being not so cutting edge today, and reliability being merely par, it’s actually surprisingly affordable. It all depends on if that’s enough to keep the price down so Michael could afford it.

The auctioneer has expressed that they’re disappointed they couldn’t find an example of a Bogliq Fox @thecarlover Mont Royal RS-1 @highoctanelove or the Zasteros Riten SC @yurimacs The Bogliq is rare due to it being made specifically for track use. And the Mont Royal is rare due to it getting its good engine scavenged to put in a more desirable model, with subpar reliability not helping its case. Zasteros Riten SC was too expensive to buy back in 2020 making it incredibly rare today.

The last car was the Rennen Apophis, @titleguy1 the star of the show today. Everybody seems to crowd around this sporty car. And the value reflects that fact. It’s far too expensive for Michael to afford because of exactly that, but maybe the price will be kept down enough? You never know at auction.

So, with Michael knowing which cars he wants. He set the limit of his price. And wait for it to come around.

The Rennen went first, and as expected, bidders go crazy. The bid went up so much that it went into 7 figures! There was no way Michael could afford this car.

The Revera went next, and while the bid wasn’t as crazy as the Rennen, it was still going up and up in the way that makes Michael immediately out of the running.

The Kasai was the next car. Michael starts bidding on it with few competitions. But nearing the price limit Michael decided to stop and let the other bidder won the car.

Michael really wanted the BAM Moenis, and he started bidding. But the bid sadly went up sky high despite his thought of it not being that desirable. A pity.

In the end, Michael started bidding on the Salinger D10-55 AWD. It’s the last car he wants to buy. And he would have no problem if he goes home without a single buy. It started off slow, as expected. And remained slow until the end.

Michael was the winner.

He bought a Salinger D10-55 AWD for far lower than his budget.