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The Car Shopping Round (Round 64): Tears in Heaven


I fully agree with Dragawn and think a poll would be useful here.


I’ll also agree with Dragawn, CSR could do with a dedicated section, and for many logical reasons as well.

As mentioned, it’ll make it easier to find older rounds of the CSR, rounds that otherwise are lost in the midst of dozens of others. Perhaps more importantly, it’ll allow for discussions, after-round-finishers (Essentially, any round that went to a poll, but the ‘round leader’ decided to finish it anyway after the pressure was let up), and ‘browsing’ the ideas.

Plus, we then wouldn’t have to worry about that looming 10,000 post limit every so often as the CSR continues.

Perhaps more importantly, it’ll stop dominating the top of the Challenges and Competitions sub-forum, and inspire other people to just make their own challenges. After all, each CSR round is just a mini-challenge, and instead of it being a long, convoluted post of nightmares for a new challenge-creator to search through, they could just read a good handful of CSR threads, then go over to Challenges and make their own challenge.


I agree, CSR has become a large challenge and so it should be it’s own section


Fully Support the idea of a CSR sub forum.




I am also in favor of CSR receiving its own section.


Yeah, I’ll upvote it.


I can get behind that. I say we preemptively curb the looming threat of that 10k post limit.


CSR 63 - Moving On Up

The UE4 train never ends edition

It’s 2004, and somewhere, a man sick of his bike in his east-Asian homeland is looking to take a step up. No-more dreary trips through the pouring rain with a colander for a helmet, he’s finally going to join the upper class.

But what does he buy? His budget isn’t exactly the highest, and the car market is notorious for cutting corners in the name of mass production. Does he get a small hatchback? Ooh, or a nice looking sedan! Or even a wagon, he always thought about setting up a small haulage business, and those Germans make some quick wagons that he always liked. It’s time to do some brochure shopping, he knows there are several dealers in the nearest city, surely one of them has something to catch his eye, he always loved something quirky or downright silly.

The down-low

  • Model between 2001-2004
  • Market cost of $8000 @10%
  • Minimum 4 seats (2+2 acceptable, he does have friends)
  • This is the first car he’s ever owned, but not the first he’s driven, don’t make it try and kill him
  • Fuel is not cheap, try and make it economic
  • Comfort matters though it’s not expected to be anything astonishing

The limits (Engine)

  • 20 PU
  • 35 ET
  • 91 RON Unleaded
  • Cat is required

The limits pt.2 (Trim)

  • 8k @10%
  • 75 PU
  • 45 ET
  • 30 Safety
  • Minimum 10L/100km economy


  • Push those limits! Think outside the box if you want to!
  • It may not be at the top of his list, but a car that’s enjoyable to drive will be a bonus!
  • Cheap service costs and ease of maintenance are bonus points but can be overlooked if the rest of the package is right!
  • He doesn’t want something that breaks down every 5k and doesn’t start most mornings, don’t tank reliability!
  • Whilst silly decisions are allowed, you better have the car to back them up! If he’s owning a turbocharged monster it better make that headache worthwhile!

Deadline and stuff

8th February 05:00 GMT

You all know the entry format by now, “CSR 63 - [Name]” with Trim and Variant names free for you to pick.

Any questions/complaints feel free to yell at me, I probably cocked something up but hey ho

Sneaky edit, revisions are a-ok up until like 24h before the deadline, after that it’ll be case-by-case and only for major changes


Hey, that’s roughly like the CSR idea that I had in mind! (Difference being mine would have emissions tax imposed…)
I’m so totally going to join in this one.


I do have a reliable shitbox that I could get into this with a little tiny bit of tweaking. Though it is a shitbox. Lore-wise, it fits, but just barely. But I think I’m gonna go for it. I’ve gotten it under the 8k limit, it meets PU and ET, and safety, as well as fuel efficiency. But it’s an all-steel penalty box that’s slightly more comfortable than sitting in a torture chamber.


UE4, no?


It is UE4, yes


Anyone else having issues with comfortability when using smaller bodies? I’ve tried using luxury interior, adaptive suspension, double wishbone on all corners, yet it stays at 0?


Loosen your dampers, springs and sway bars. Increase tyre profile. Once it goes above 0 you can fine tune.


Thanks, i’ll give it a try, also I think the budget may be better at 10k, having to create a real shitbox here


I’ve seen several CSRs about bargain-basement cars in the Kee engine version before (and entered a few of them), but this one is the first round like it to use UE4. This one, with its very tight budget, reminds me most of CSR12, but in a more recent era.

Now as for the engine I plan to use for my entry (if indeed I choose to submit one), I will have to ponder if it’s better to go with four cylinders instead of three, among other things.

Also, 8k @ 10% is not very much at all, since it equates to 7.2k pre-markup. Would it be better to increase the maximum price? Otherwise it should be left as it is right now.


That’s the point and that’s the fun :wink:



'01 LAP LQ1

When we found out that the nascent East Asian budget car market was booming, we set out to provide some basic transportation for the masses. With the entry-level trim of the LQ1, we have done just that. It may be decontented compared with the Prime trim sold elsewhere, but it still seats four with a modicum of comfort. Better still, it comes with power steering and a basic stereo as standard.

Under the hood is a simple yet reliable 1.0L SOHC I3 with electronic fuel injection. No, it’s not a multi-point or direct injection system, but it still endows the LQ1 with superb efficiency and just enough power to get about in any conditions. And the robust four-speed manual transmission is just the ticket for city driving. So what are you waiting for? Get one now for $7700 - you won’t be disappointed!