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The Farm Truck Challenge, Complete Results Announced!


see? he agreed^

[size=65]although i also used VVTL, because 28% efficiency[/size]


lol I anticipated this response. Just think of it as putting the modern technology on the real engine to make it useable in the real world :stuck_out_tongue:

(Also, how else am I going to get 550Nm @ 2000rpm, 320hp @ 6000rpm, and still get 16mpg? Build a smaller truck? NUH-UH.)

p.s. I no longer 'out-strop' on challenges not solely to do with POWUUUUUUH... I'm still yet to prove that I can solidly contend in everything else. For your daily dose of out-stropping where the competition doesn't require it, we now have the likes of KLinardo :stuck_out_tongue:


Need a hard working truck that won't give up when you need it most? Then Storm Automotive's latest series of trucks might just be for you. The Storm Wolf is a big, strong truck for people who need a big, strong truck. The P1600D is the perfect middle-of-the-road option. All wheel drive, comfortable interior, and a very powerful engine.

How powerful? 573 horsepower at 4200 RPM, with 773 ft-lb of torque at 2500 RPM. We believe that's more than sensible enough to haul whatever you needed to haul, and tow whatever you needed to tow.


That is a, uh, quite powerful engine. And here I was thinking I'd shoot for "sort of realistic" figures :laughing: Having sudden pangs of "puny engine" regret :laughing:

I wonder what the pricing is like compared to my entry. Let's just say I was well short of the price tag and I had no idea how the math really stacks up.


and again..... i just like to underpower the competition to the hesitation to use big engines.
so what's the efficiency number on that engine? [size=65]and final sales price?[/size]

i just resubmitted my truck.....for looks purposes
because it looked like this...



I made a few compromises to fit that engine, but I figured, I needed a lot of power to move this big steel pickup truck around.


1000 HP truck because 'MURICA. So much POWAAAAAAAH.

We also have a good variation of pricing strategies.


28.67% for mine. It's alright.

I just fiddled with my engine (i.e. made it 3L larger) to see what kind of performance Madrias was getting. Let's just say I lose a lot of fuel economy, and that's without even making the turbos spool later for bigger top end boost. Also, for some reason, it doesn't benefit utility at all, let alone drivability and comfort. Also the truck becomes quite a bit more front-heavy. Alternatively one could use a giant NA engine but sorry, with the money we have available to us here, it will just come out inferior overall :stuck_out_tongue:

I estimate that a similar level trim of a larger engine would sell for at least 4k more*. Having seen how that balances out, I'm quite happy to stick to my current engine. What's happening to me... it seems so long ago that I slung a 3000hp 3 ton truck up Pikes Peak... it was abnormally fast too...

*NINJA EDIT: Make that 6.5k more then!


Will make me happier, then, if I manage to open the can of whoop-ass with this 'inferior' engine.


Well you will definitely spank me off the lights and at the drag strip. I'll be feeling that one for sure.

But... what mileage are you getting?

EDIT: made a better NA engine, just to see what Madrias might be expecting. I can manage quite a nice boost in drivability along with the massive gain in power and torque, only with a commensurate penalty in fuel economy. I was probably a bit too quick to dismiss the competitiveness of NA in this setting!


Sadly, not quite as good as your 16. 13.3 MPG. Still, I don't think it's too bad. I built the big engine with fuel efficiency in mind, but I knew I was never going to get great efficiency.


you guys going full steel?


AHS + Corrosion Resistant. All steel pickup truck, as it should be.


Steel, iron and lots of chrome :wink:


*let's be honest. how often do you use more than 300hp continously? and you do realise that you're wasting fuel for every second that you're not using it, right?
it's 2011. it's time for change, it's time for efficiency, it's time for
[size=150]Komodo Puller[/size]

*with a 4.5l liter making a reasonable 252HP, and a peak of 406Nm, **but it **never goes down below 330Nm no matter where in the rev range. giving all the power you'll ever need. all of those while achieving 31% efficiency, a leader in the class, and with the body weighing just a touch over 2t. overall, giving you 21.26 MPG on average.

and you'll never feel uncomfortable no matter how long you stay on the road again, with the help of the** latest generation of adaptive cruise control** with sensors all over the truck, giving you reassurance that nothing will go wrong.

and this is not all of the Standard features that you will get. there's more, like the 4x4 system, electronically controlled center differential, electronic power steering, ABS, electronic stability assist. go to the nearest Komodo Dealer to get a test drive for free, right now

oh.... i just noticed something.

Auto Opening Electronically Dontrolled Doors!! never need a handle again!

*to be real. Kli, would you mind just putting a random handle there? so i dont have to resubmit again. my bad :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL yeah not sure how the truck drivers would feel about their cars having 'Tesla' door handles :laughing:

So it seems that the mileage has an inverse relationship to the power figures so far. There's koolkei with 80% the output I have but 130% the mileage (and only 85% the mass of mine), and then there's madrias who has something like 160% the output of mine, but about 80% the fuel economy of mine. That's actually not half bad. If anything by that measure alone, I'm the one losing out!

I debated between AHS and corrosion resistant, and went with the latter because cheaper to tool and the greater mass does help the utility stat.


actually i could eek out a bit more. that 30.78% efficiency is on an oversquared engine. 91,7 bore x 85,3 stroke.

i might try to see what i could get, turning that stroke up a little.

also, are you even getting the nearly the same sales price as madrias? or way lower?

edit: nah, stroking up to 4.8l only got me up to 30.85% efficiency, but quite a bit heavier, thus lower mileage. but it does increase both drivability, and a lil of sportyness, but it also hurts the utility and offroad?? which i dont understand.

edit2: wow corrossion resistant steel is $210m cheaper to tool..... and brought my sales price down about $2k. but it does hurt a lot of things, even if it's only slightly. maybe AHS is more suited for non trucks??


My sales price is something like 34.2k @ 5%, and that was with me feeling like I was already abusing the sliders. I wonder whether the weight distribution matters as well, because the truck is so heavy, I did make a questionable decision to use, gasp, aluminimum block and heads :stuck_out_tongue: So I get a 54:46 FR distribution. Could be worse (and when you load it all the way up, well, things obviously would change.)


If it's a questionable decision to use aluminium block and head, what about AlSi then? :smiley: Anyway I'm not expecting too much of my entry but if it actually turns out to be competitive I'll be happy.


This is my first entry to a challenge.

The Schack Repreni

*The mid european motoring company Schack S.a.r.l. unveils its new pick-up truck, designed for tough jobs for the American market. The young genereration designers and engineers decided to give established forms a fresh look. In front sits a completly straight six pot engine. Refined with clever european technology, its turbocharged 3.7 litre pack a whoping 250 horses at 5500 revs and 280+ ft-lb of torque at an astonishing 1650 rpm and all up to 4000 rpm to get every job done. Traffic light drag races against boys with their riced Civic Si's included. Power is sent to all 4 wheels via an limited slip diff. It's AHS Steel / Alu body contributes to a low weight and mind blowing 26.2 mpg. With an advanced cat the low emissions will keep even the Californians happy for decades. The price you may wonder? Manufacturing and assembling the vehicle in the USA allows a uncompromising price under 25k $. *