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The Great 'Knight Rider' Competition


It is time for a 1 off mega competition!


Watch This For Inspiration!

KITT was a car used in the night rider series. Combined of two different versions ‘KNIGHT INDUSTRIES TWO THOUSAND’ and ‘KNIGHT INDUSTRIES THREE THOUSAND’, although we will be focusing on the first one as shown in the above picture.

It contained many features which enthusiasts in the 80’s thought would be the future. This included Computer AI, a molecular bonded shell, flame throwers, medical aid, cruise control and so much more.


You must make the best replacement KITT as possible. It will be judged on similarity to the original KITT, speed, and ‘added features’, making this extremely creative. Sellability is not an issue, neither is cost to build or engineering time or anything like that.


  1. Body, Engine and Trim are from 1982, (When KITT1 was made)

  2. UE4 R5 to be used

  3. NAMING CONVENTION is ‘KNR - Username - Car Name’ for both engine and car

  4. Entries to be submitted by 1st March 2018 at 1200 GMT

  5. No quality sliders






With no limits on pu/et/price you might want to limit quality points to avoid a bunch of +15 everything cars


Are we talking replica using standard V8? My version of Automation doesn’t have “Knight Industries turbojet with modified afterburners,” :slight_smile:


I would recommend finishing your first challenge before starting another.

Usually a good idea here.

Also what is the point here? Everyone’s cars are gonna be identical, it doesn’t seem to make any sense to me.


I think it would be more fun to make a replacement KITT for a series reboot or something like that.



Correction: entries close on March 1st 2018.


Following chicken biscuits suggestion the competition will be to make a replacement KITT

Keep the suggestions coming