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The invitation of tenders by the Police Force


You might ask yourself what I do after the 2000 Taxi challenge, as this one is the last cabbie trashing for me.

ATC? Yes, it will come back, but this is more a race than a testing. So what to do next?

If not taxi - it must be the police!
Different regions, different ages - it will be all but boring.

The 2000 Taxi Challenge is …ing hard to run and the reboot of a dead but once very popular challenge are difficult enough to keep me busy until the mid of may, if not longer. The first police challenge will be announced around May 20, 2019. Until then I’d like you to ask the following:

What do you expect from a police car challenge?


There has to be at least one test to see how well the car can handle a jump and keep on the chase… :stuck_out_tongue:


Many of the benefits of fleet vehicles, like taxis, but also maybe heavy duty suspension, extra power, and advanced high quality safety to replicate police equipment


Well, if you’re looking for a police car, you’re gonna want to be able to catch your suspects, and you’ll want to keep service costs down, because maintaining a fleet sucks.

Depending on the era, I’d expect a wide variety of different strategies for how to make the best police car. If it’s modern-era, I’d expect far more than just RWD cars, because FWD and AWD can perform just about as well.

If you plan to use BeamNG, evaluating how well it works to catch a speeding car by actually stopping a speeding car would cover a lot of things. Otherwise, you’ll need a reference speeder and a race-track for your police cars to go around.


Good cornering G
Acceptable Environmental Resistance
Good hp/mpg
High practicality
Good 0-62 time
Low service costs

Base model must be a high volume production car.


Load capacity could factor into scoring, to simulate the police forces’ use of additional equipment on certain assignments.


I guess it depends what sort of police car you are thinking of… Regular highway patrol? High-speed chase unit? Tactical Response? etc…

I think the majority of the scoring will be similar to any fleet car (reliability, cost, economy, servicing, practicality), but with a twist depending on what type of mission it is focused on.


Correct. I thought about different units that search a vehicle, like Border Patrol, Highway Patrol and so on.


I believe there was a police cruiser challenge in kee days, i can’t find it right now, but i know it took place before i held my gangsta challenge.

It would probably be helpful for reference, as I remember it as a good challenge

It might have been a csr round too.


CSR 91 was a police round too