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The return of the Companies tab in UE4/FEASIBLE CUSTOM BADGES!?


There was a thread about this a long time ago, but one person replied to it, Killrob didn’t notice it, and then it died. I don’t know if you can bump threads that old, so I’ll just make a new one. Also, this is technically for the UE4 build and not the Kee engine.

Can we please get the Companies tab to return to the UE4 build (and work in Sandbox?)

I also have an idea for custom badges to actually be reasonably feasible for people who want it.
First of all, get the current badge fixtures in UE4, remove the Automation logo, and use that as a template. Then, in the companies menu, click an “Add Badge” button, select the shape (Circle, square, rhombus/sideways square, shield, etc.) and it will create a blank image file to use in the correct size. Then, tab out of the game and open it in your image editor of choice, add your badge, go back to the game (or restart it) and then your badge texture will be used for that company and you can use it as a fixture. Is this too hard to achieve? Of course it’ll take a few years, a ton of other more important features (campaign, forced induction revamp, etc.) have to be implemented, not even mentioning all the bugs that still need to be fixed.


I can’t answer the companies tab bit of the question, you’d have to ask @Killrob on that.

But I can tell you we’ve been fiddling around with image or font based company badges, which would make what you’re thinking a bit more possible, although still surprisingly complex… As you say, it’s a low priority, but it is something we’re messing around with to find the best way to give more freedom with badges eventually.


The sandbox company tab might come back once we have the new Lite Campaign done and its new structures in place, before then it does not make much sense as it would be double work. If it comes back, it will be a lot like the system we have in mind for managing your lineups during the campaign.