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The Shitbox Derby Run (Round 1 - 1960s) - Concluded


Congratulations to @GetWrekt01 for the win! I was hoping mine would be able to come from behind but your car conquered all lol


Are there plans for a round two? Would love to join in!


If and when the 1970’s version is written, I have a suggestion. Perhaps you should shorten the field to 1973 through 1979, with catalytic converters and regular unleaded fuel only. This way no one will be able to game the system by building a 1971 whatever with leaded fuel, and create a more even playing field.


That doesn’t sound right. What about those of us from countries that didn’t have ULP until after 1980? My 1984 ran on leaded… mmmm… lead.


I was thinking the same thing, even though I’m MURRICAN.

Fairest thing to do would be declare a market and which fuel it uses.


That, or if you run leaded fuel there would be a weighted penalty for having to use lead substitute additive. Make the penalty big enough you notice, but small enough it may be a viable option for some configurations? Fuel scarcity is less important with good MPG, and lead substitute (and off road diesel for that matter) are still sold in the US this year.


True, you can still get 100 octane low-lead fuel at air fields. I was just trying to think of a way to even out the playing field. I forgot about other markets that still used leaded.