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Thecarlover's mods - New fixtures and UE4 Scout now available!


(this is what Speed is referencing)


The book specified the Plymouth Fury, but the movie used a Plymouth Belvedere. The more you know :wink:


Hi there. Love this new body!
One question, though. I downloaded it as soon as it came out, but when I tried making a car with it earlier today, I was unable to find the body anywhere-I tried re-downloading the body and even installing the standalone version, but sadly, it didn’t work. Can you help me figure out why this might be? :confused:


Any problem with that is not on my end, the body works fine. Check the Support section about issues with mods, it’s certainly not an isolated issue and could have a lot of possible solutions.

New mod from the Steam Workshop just will not work

Well, okay then.

The good news is, though, I was able to-after a couple of initial mistakes-install the standalone version without any problems once I found the right directory, so it’s all good here.

Once again, love this new body, and I can’t wait to work with it now.


So I’m going to do something different…

##Open source mirrors!

As mirrors are pretty much the only component of car models that can be reused, I figured I could make my mirrors open source for other modders to use on other models. They’re such a small and simple thing so I’m giving something back that can hopefully be useful to somebody.

###Feel free to recolour, rescale, edit, whatever else. This is me giving permission that they’re free to use as-is or modified without need to credit me, but do no claim them as your own.

thecarlover - Mirrors.zip (156.3 KB)

#####The mirrors are individual objects that can be imported one at a time to any model. I will update this file if I make any new mirrors before UE4. These mirrors are not compatible with the upcoming model changes with UE4. When modding becomes possible with UE4 I will upload an updated version with the required materials.


Is it not possible to have the body model not incorporate mirrors and have the mirrors be fixtures instead?


Not currently, no. It would severely limit their placement. However, wing mirrors seem to be a fixture type coming with UE4, as well as fixture placement on plastic, chrome, glass, etc, so it might be possible to just make mirror fixtures down the line.


So I’ve currently got another quick project that will be released before the 50s car…

##50s kei van!
######(the round sealed beam lights have not been rescaled, just for reference)

I originally made it to 1949 kei regulations (max 2.8m long, 1m wide) but it was too small for the engine (can’t even go down to the 150cc limit), so it’s been upscaled to fit 1950 kei regulations (max 3m long, 1.3m wide). Will still unlock in 1946. I just need to scale the 3 door cargo version appropriately.


The 40s-50s kei van is now available! First post has been updated.

thecarlover40VanKei.zip (613.8 KB)


Damn, definitely not a good base for V16…


Not with that attitude it isn’t.



I hope that this is large enough to fit the 904cid pushrod V12 i’ve made.:grin:


If the not-Continental body (both sizes) was (and still is) the right choice for building 60s land yachts, surely this latest body will be just the ticket for the 50s? I’m thinking of using it to build an early hot rod…


Please give us it now, do not wait for Unreal :heart_eyes:


Will you still make new bodies for the UE4 version? If so, which ones will you work on first?


There’s no way to make mods for UE4 at this point, I’ll have to wait for a development kit from the dev team. In the meantime, I’m still working on the 50s car for the kee engine.


All the variants so far. Still in the works are the 4 door convertible, coupe, 2 door convertible, and 3 door wagon.


“Oh,no; It’s that red Plymouth from hell. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!” :joy:

That model is lookin’ sharp right there.