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Tivren Make Best Car: The Story of Drakon Automotive


Drakon Automotive was founded in 1954, after the revolution that turned the nation of Tivren into a one-party socialist state. The first car resulting from the project was introduced to the public in 1955, and as the only car available, it was an instant hit. However, things would change after a couple years…

Lucky Dragon 1000

Trotskygrad, People’s Republic of Tivren (1955-1988)


Glory to Drakon, very people car. Wait in line 6 years to get one, yes?


Morning or Afternoon?


For the past two decades, the Lucky Dragon 1000 had been selling amazingly, even with the threat of the Lada and other Eastern Bloc automobiles. After seeing the success of their creation, the Tivrenian state ordered Drakon Automotive to produce a luxury car fit for state employees who needed a decent car, but didn’t deserve Supreme Leader’s ZiL limousine.

Drakon LX

Trotskygrad, People’s Republic of Tivren (1977-1992)