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Torsion beam + longitudinal FWD


I wonder if there is anything that makes it impossible to allow for a combination of longitudinal FWD and torsion beam suspension in the game? I think that some Audis used that combination for real if I’m not wrong. I understand the conflict with the possibility of RWD with longitudinal engines and the impossibility of RWD with the torsion beam suspension, on the other hand there is a transverse AWD option that I think disappears when you choose torsion beam suspension, so is it impossible to let all options except FWD disappear when using torsion beam suspension on a longitudinal engined car?


I think it this point its merely a limitation in the game’s platforming system. Suspension types are characteristics of a platform whereas drive configuration is the characteristic of a trim. So if you choose longitudinal engine, then the game assumes the car will be RWD or at least support it in which case you cannot use torsion beam.

Although if you choose torsion beam with transverse engine, it does ban the AWD option… hmm. Wait. Why isn’t torsion beam allowed with longitudinal engine?


Yeah, that explanation is quite bizarre, because I can promise you there’s A LOT of longitudinal engines with torsion beams. Hell, I own one:


Torsion beam is not the same thing as torsion bars which you have up front. Torsion beam is a type of rear axle on front wheel drive cars that can act a bit like a torsion bar to improve the comfort and handling compared to a solid rear axle.


That truck doesn’t have torsion beam suspension.

This is what torsion beam suspension looks like.


Oh, totally confused my beams and bars. Derp.

Sorry everyone!