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Tow Hitches


Could tow hitches be implemented into the game? Something that would work with Beamng.


I believe that is a planned feature.




In regard to Fixtures that would allow us to properly attach a Trailer in BeamNG: https://steamcommunity.com/app/293760/discussions/2/3559414588253724691/?tscn=15316935217

Just wondering, But any plans on adding Couplers (Trailer Hitches, 5th Wheels, ETC) as a Fixture that we could add to our Cars/Trucks so when we Export our vehicle we can properly tow trailers?

Reply from Killrob: Yes, that is on our ToDo list for future updates of the Exporter :slight_smile:


In the meantime, we can couple nodes in Beamng :slight_smile:


I have tried node coupling on BeamNG and those things often dont drive so well.
So far one FWD van (Basicly VW Transporter T4) with camper on tow ended up getting the camper sliding around in 45-50kmh and that pulled the whole combination off the road. Now on narrow winding road this wouldnt be in issue, but it happened on almost straight road.
I was going to do uphill tow challenge on the automation test track, and this happened just after the “highway turn” before intersection to the dam.


Came here to ask for tow hitches also =)