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Travelle Roads Car Review Magazine


Welcome everyone to the newest magazine for Automation. Travelle Roads is something I’ve been working on for a while and really just couldn’t get time to post it which is just code for I put it off because of doubt. Hopefully it can become something. Now for the intro.

Hello, there I’m Matthew Coupe.
Hey, I am Ashley Hopper.
And I am Harold Dane.
We are three childhood friends who just love cars. Personally I don’t know too much about part names, numbers, and all the little sciencey stuff and it all goes completely goes over my head. Ashley and especially Harold know these facts more than me so expect when I review cars, the words “those things”, “that thing”, “Bits”, “whatever those are”, and so on will appear more often than with those two.

Now, we wanted to be a little more unique from other magazines so we decided to add in statistics, numbers, and ads. Oh isn’t that super cool? Catching onto my sarcasm? On a serious note though, we really wanted to be more than just another reviewer. So we want YOU, yes you too, to help us out. Below is a link to our first magazine we made years ago. Consider it a preview of the style this magazine company can bring you. This is what we want you to rate and comment on. Harshly. Don’t sugar coat it, we really want to see what is working and what is not. Do we drivel on too much? Is the statistics page really not working? Are the ads just plain old dumb? We don’t think so, but we are writing, you are reading so we prefer to satisfy the requests. Enjoy!

Oh, before we go. We would like to establish several things that’ll hopefully rule out any questions.

  1. Can I submit my own cars? YES! Absolutely, no limits, any kind of car, as many as you please just tell us how many and we will try to fit them all together. Please PM me with a Automation File and Beam.NG Drive file as we do actually test your cars rather than just read off a chart. Please note that not all cars can be used. We prefer having comparison tests rather than a single car or a mash of random cars. Thanks for understanding that some vehicles will not be used immediately

  2. How many cars will be reviewed per magazine? Typically we try to limit it to 5 or 6 because after that it starts to get a bit crowded in the testing environment. However, if it comes down to it, we can make exceptions.

  3. Can I really critique anything about this? Well no, remember car rating given are our own opinions and should not be taken as “This is how it is and no one can argue”. However if you want to give a legitimate reason that our opinion may be off in an appropriate way, we welcome it. Also, these aren’t our cars. These are the communities so please don’t attack any for any reason. Constructive Criticism only!

  4. How do I know which type of car is next to be reviewed? Don’t worry, we will state in a separate post, usually immediately after a magazine release what the next one will be based on so you may build for it. Remember you can submit any kind of car at any time, but they will be grouped accordingly.

  5. How often will each review take to be released? Once a week after the last day to submit a vehicle… hopefully. We have lives too and testing takes time. We don’t like driving it around the race track once and calling it a day, no we like it extensive, we take supercars rallying and offroaders onto the rain circle even though they really can’t do that.

  6. Do you only test in the Automation Test Facility? Not always. We LOVE real world testing so we will commonly take it over to Tennessee, the West Coast, the American Road, etc. Also all of us are American. We still can’t remember on our own to drive on the left side over there at the Facility.

  7. Is there any kind of vehicle not testable by you? Nope, we will test all no matter how ridiculous it is. We are even ready to test lawnmowers if you’ll believe it.

  8. Crash testing? Yep… usually not on purpose.

  9. Why did you not say too much about the three of you? That’s because in the link above, we introduce ourselves on the first page of the release for your convenience with the inconvenience of having to open the link.

  10. Can we actually have our own ads in the magazine? Yes, we actually would like to swap out ads every release. Also we will put a link to the page of the promotion if it exists.

  11. Can we actually get the cars to test ourselves? Hopefully, this will depend on the owner if they have released it themselves. If they have not, then we cannot do much, but if they have we will link to their forum or page directly below the link.

If there is anything we missed, please ask and we will respond as soon as possible. Thank you for reading Travelle Roads!

Next car type ready to be tested: The Estate Class!
You have until 10/31/18 11:59 pm EST to submit your cars via PM! We will accept any and all submissions. Remember to send the Automation and Beam.ng files for us to test. Thanks!