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Triple Toyotas


My Toyota “collection” consists of:

2013 GT86 -asphalt grey, automatic transmission, Sat-Nav, Webasto block heater, TOM’S taillights, Toyota Shark-fin antenna, Whiteline front camber bolts, GrimmSpeed front strut brace, Bastuck muffler, SPARCO Assetto Gara matt bronze wheels with 225/40/18 Continental Sportcontact 5, original wheels with 215/45/17 Continental Wintercontact TS830P, SubiSpeed shift-paddle extensions.
My daily driver :slight_smile:

1991 Supra 3.0i Turbo - just over 50.000km on the clock, automatic transmission, 7M-GTE engine, targa roof. My dad’s and my hobby. Mint condition, 100% stock.

2011 Auris Hybrid - my work commuter. Awesome fuel mileage and cheap to run.
Runs the former Primacy HP tires of my GT86 on 17" Autec Wizard gunmetal grey wheels.

I’ll add some pics later.


I see all the automatics, traffic bad where you are? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool cars though, can’t wait to see pics especially of the Supra.


Yeah, city traffic as well as crowded Autobahn ^^


That’s a really nice Supra, great to see a stock one looking that good. Looking forward to seeing how that GT86 looks.


I prefer the MK3’s styling to the MK4’s. And that one is beautiful.


Nice A70! In GT I normally chose the MA70 Supra GT Turbo Limited as my Starter Car.
Also For us North Americans that don’t know what a Toyota Auris is, it’s a Scion iM/Toyota Corolla iM, 2011 is the 1st Gen (2006-2012) while we got the 2nd Gen (2012-Present, Introduced to North America in 2014 with Production Version Shown in 2015), 3rd gen is to Debut this year for the 2019 model year: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Auris


Ohhhhhhh it’s beautiful. It’s red! It’s stock! Thank you so much for keeping it clean! I can’t wait to hear about the adventures of the Supra.


I’m glad you like Mk3 Supras :slight_smile:
Added a picture of it at a youngtimer meeting.
We’re lucky to have a Toyota mechanic nearby that owns a perfectly built Mk3 himself. ~450-500hp 7M-GTE, all TÜV legal, great car. He’s the one that my dad and I trust the most to work on our car :slight_smile:
So far not much maintenance was needed. We replaced some hoses in the engine bay, timing belt was replaced, new spark plugs and new front suspension joints. New tires, of course, were fitted. Runs on 225/50 16 Hankook Ventus V12 Evo. Also he worked on the A/C so it runs on R134a instead of the banned R12.

The car previously belonged to my parents’ landlord which always had several cars at once. Supra was always kept in a garage and the original 5-spoke wheels were kept in the basement for over 20 years :smiley: We reapplied them to the car after a year.

The only parts that are not stock is a device to get better cold start emissions to reach better emissions category (and pay less tax) and up-to-date light bulbs for all lights.


I am Jealous. You own two of my all time favourite cars. (That GT86 is almost perfect)

I am craving your Mk3.


Oh yes, that GT86 is beautiful. I agree with Vri here, I’d love a GT86 and a mk3 Supra (especially with digidash).


I need to see this Airus though to see if you are 3/3 on cool af cars :stuck_out_tongue:


Awesome collection you have there.


I don’t even have a picture of it with the gunmetal wheels, that’s how average it is :smiley:

Just a black hybrid hatchback.

EDIT: Here’s an image of the Auris summer wheels:


Well it is 3/3


Here’s a quick snapshot of the GT86 paddle shift extensions.
They’re aluminum and feel way better than the small plastic originals. And they are better to reach when you turn tight out of a junction for example.


So is the gt86 a car with a sequential only gearbox or is it an automatic with a manual mode?


6-speed auto with manual mode and lock-up clutch :slight_smile:


Auto transmission on the Supra is a bit of a letdown, but both it and the GT86 are incredible. Plus, love your 86’s wheels! They scream “track-ready” but also really go well with the rest of the car


Thanks :slight_smile:
I really like the Sparco wheels. And compared to their OZ counterparts (OZ owns Sparco) they are really affordable.
Also they’re one of the few easy to find bronze options and perfectly TÜV legal.


I just found some photos of my first car :smiley:

It was a 1999 Lancia Y 1.2 16V elefantino rosso.
86hp from the 1.2 engine due to 16V cylinder head.
Alcantara seats and dashboard, A/C, power windows and mirrors.
It was a lot of fun - when it wasn’t broken down…

195/50/15 wheels OEM and Alutec Spyke (winter/summer). Everything else was done by former owners. 30mm dropped, tinted windows, rear spoiler :smiley: Just like you would imagine a 17 year’s old boy’s first car :smiley: