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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False, haven’t had exams for seven years.

TNP went to see a baseball game recently.


False no baseball that I know of in the UK

TNP hates angle grinding



TNP knows where to find cheap plenum cat5e or better cable


Well i once found 2 6 foot long Cat 6 cords at a goodwill for a dollar total, so try there

TNP Also buys networking equipment from goodwill


Not networking stuff, nor anything from goodwill as I ain’t in the US, though I do like charity shops.

TNP likes a good bargain


Oh yes I do

TNP has wired cable though air vents before


yes, but not in the way you think, at my grandparents house we had to run phone wires through the floor vents to get a connection to a fax machine that we only used a few times

TNP feels that i’m a lost cause in this world



TNP likes new cars in bright colors.


True, it brightens up the traffic. Instead of seeing one of those boring black, gray or the occasional red car, you see a yellow one that catches your eye.

TNP pearlescent colors or bust.


Tralse ,they look great but a bright solid colour looks just as good.

TNP has a bright coloured car


Sure as hell do. The most uncommon factory colour that Honda simply doesn’t offer anymore because they went for boring. At least it’s really easy to spot my car in a parking lot.

TNP has modified their daily.


Not yet.

TNP is foreign to the country they live in.


Sometimes I wish I was

TNP is a domestic house pet


Er…I have pets but I’m not a domestic house pet…

TNP can help me understand the above post


Affirmative. You see, Mr. Ducky here had a troubled childhood and now he believes to be a gerbil. To combat this he sometimes asks other people if they are gerbils or other animals, most likely in hopes of getting a positive answer to achieve the feeling of belonging to a community. If the answer is negative, he escapes to the depths of his own head and becomes incredibly introverted. Thanks to you, Mr. Mackia, Mr. Ducky will now feel alone, depressed and anxious. Do you feel happy now?

-Psy.D. Detsi, American Psychological Association

TNP is impressed by my analysis


Nah, personally I just think he’s into pet play and is asking in a roundabout fashion.

Dr Stroppy McHorseguy, M.B.B.S, not a psychologist :stuck_out_tongue:

TNP would dress in leathers and/or latex



TNP knows how to solder


I always wanted to know how to ^^

TNP is on no no social medias


False but I’m not on Facebook or Twitter

TNP forgets their TNPs