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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


TNP will ignore this TNP


False. Why should I?

TNP’s reply will start with word “false”.


Incorrect, it began with “Incorrect”

TNP is not the Next Person.


No, but I am The Enchanting Wizard of Rhythm.

TNP came here to tell us about the rhythms of the universe


They go boom boom wanna wanna wanna

TNP thinks the universe sounds better


What sound does the universe make?

TNP likes space related stuff.


kinda, yeah

TNP listens to music on a soundcard from the last millenium


Sometimes, on an analog chip from the last millennium, so sorta I guess

TNP has a sound card in their PC



TNP doesn’t like that I revived this cancerous thread.


Why, Why, Why do you do this.

TNP is a Strawberry Clock.


False, am :strawberry: :rooster: :smirk:

TNP has more than 2 valence electrons


False, I am Hydrogen.

TNP is an isotope.


Of some godforsaken element, yeah.

TNP likes watching lightning



TNP feels like complete shit today


True. Or technically yesterday, it’s 6:30 in the morning but I still haven’t slept so the day is still going for me.

TNP is excited for the i3s


nope. not where i live at least.

TNP knows where i live


Yeah, mind not closing the curtains when you sleep? I can’t see you properly.

TNP likes cheddar


Cheddar = Money, Yes
Cheddar = Cheese, No.


TNP loves swiss cheese


Emmental is one of god’s gifts to this earth. Best use of it is to cover a pasta bake or lasagne with slices of the stuff before it goes in the oven, and cook it until its browning on top and completley gooey.

TNP likes Camembert


True when its aged enough

TNP likes sandwiches