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True or False: Forum Game 2.0



Well, now that that’s out of my system…
TNP likes a hybrid or electric car that isn’t a Tesla.


Maybe, haven’t looked at any newer hybrids and fuck current electrics

TNP likes ‘budget’ electric cars


Very Much True. I’d wish to own one in the next 10-20 years.

TNP is in charge now.


kinda false. in charge. but not now.

TNP is still salty that mitsubishi is using their sacred eclipse and evolution branding on non enthusiast sedan cars.


True. Especially since I know they can build fun cars if they try. Even my slushbox equipped Galant was a joy to thrash. But their loss. I’ll continue to defend their products of old, but I, like many other enthusiasts, wouldn’t touch their new products with a 20 foot pole.

TNP is similarly scorned by an automaker they used to have respect for.


NISSAN. Everything before Renault is sacred to me, and everything after is trash that eats its own catalytic and dies.

The next person had a nightmare recently.


True, it was like this: All cars were RWD, they had powerful engines and they were all manuals. They weren’t practical and their styling was aggressive and sporty. They were all ICE equipped as well GAH IT WAS HORRIBLE!

TNP got triggered



TNP agrees with me that thinks that carlos ghosn, who is now leading nissan(&datsun)-renault-mitsubishi is a fucking brilliant businessman because he turned them into super profitable companies once again. but he kills their soul in the process, because he is not a car guy.



Skyline - true, Audi. I love their pre-~1995 stuff and would like to own any example of it, with some being my dream cars. But I hate what they had become since then and hate their new overly-aggressive-yet-boring cars with either two-stroke TSI or unreliable TDI engines.

KA - true, just today. Interestingly it was about a car horror movie that started to become reality and it was the second time I had it.

Detsi - not really, one of the cars I’d love to have the most is FWD estate with an automatic and a non-aggressive, non-sporty styling :slight_smile:

TNP sometimes wants to answer already answered TNPs.


True, and I shall.

@koolkei Not only their soul, but reliability; through initial flawed design and cost-cutting measures. At least in Nissan’s case.

The next person likes or dislikes the smell of gasoline / petrol depending on the grade and station it is from.


Not sure, sometimes I like the smell, somtimes I don’t… I do no that it tastes horrible, been working on a fuel system again and had to suck on the fuel line to see if it was clogged or not…

edit: @KA24DE agreed, had a 13 pathfinder… we were more enthused to get rid of it than when we bought it, still have the 99 frontier.

TNP has worked on a car project for months before.


True, finding a bloody car. At least one that fit the criteria I was looking for: Speedy, three pedals, and better fuel economy than my Jeep. The result is a 1994 Ford Taurus SHO which meets all criteria, though only slightly with fuel efficiency.

Also, you shouldn’t suck on a fuel line, better to blow instead… Phrasing!

TNP has push started a car before.


True. Automatics are literally rare here; you’ll only see manuals or sequentials. Push starting is pretty common as well.

TNP has had a good day.


True, made $90 so far just driving

TNP also has a party going on at their house


False. I treat it like a fortress of solitude.

TNP has averaged over 30 (US) MPG before.


It’s impossible for my car to average under 30 MPG.

TNP thinks the Chevrolet Sonic is a good car.


The Chevy Sonic is a great car for a pizza delivery driver.

TNP knows the pains of running an e-commerce store.


Not really, but I do know the pain of expecting to be able to sell anything on eBay (eg: a DVD copy of Charlotte’s Webb), spending hours posting listings for tons of items and then all of them ending up not selling.

TNP is ill



TNP is glad they weren’t instabinned in CSR


But I was

TNP thinks an RR van is perfectly capable for off-road use