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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Tralse. I don’t know.

TNP thinks this topic is lasting longer than it should.


False, it will die when it dies. Until then enough people seem interested in keeping it going.

TNP has replaced a head gasket before.


False, not yet.

TNP just learned about the Kia Borrego and now suddenly wants one


It’s an SUV. :wastebasket:

TNP remembers old Disney.


Specify “old”. My old stuff could be your new stuff.

TNP owns Disney. And the US government.


I own all the things. ALL OF THEM.

Speaking of things, I have a lovely bridge for sale in Brooklyn.

TNP is interested in purchasing it.


Interested; yes. Capable; no.
I love the Brooklyn bridge… I think it’s beautiful. I can say that as someone living in Brooklyn; there aren’t a lot of beautiful things here… but that bridge is definitely one of them.

The next person has a landmark that is special to them.


False, I don’t really care for landmarks

TNP has a special spot



TNP likes to know code designations of cars and engines (W124, E38, M100, R34…)


I love it but my memory has gone to shit of late lol

TNP has a strong accent


idk if it’s strong, but I have a strange mix of English and NZ accents.

TNP is from the USA



TNP Lives in a country other than the one they were born in.


Yep, have lived in multiple.

TNP wants to own an utter shitbox at some point in their life


I’ve owned a few already, the worst one was a Korean made Ford Festiva, it used more oil than it did gas, had a rat’s nest in it, and the rear brakes never worked.

TNP has driven a car that they thought would kill them.


Does a go-kart sort of count?

TNP loves go-karting


True, although I haven’t been able to do it much.

TNP is a professional race driver in their head.


When on back roads, yes. eurobeats internally

TNP had gone drag racing before.


True; against my shadow. I was the winner!

The next person feels that employing a closed-cycle nuclear thermal rocket for space missions is worth the risk.


I have no idea, but it sounds awesome :smiley:

TNP is an extravert.



TNP is Autistic