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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


When have I ever not, my body feels like I’m knocking on the door of retirement

TNP knows exactly how this feels:


True. Both IRL and in GMod.

TNP has spent hours making something incredibly detailed and complex in gmod only for it to fuck up horrendously.


Muh v8 made with furniture :cry:

TNP used to place props in GMOD and imagine stories to these decorations.


Nah I just played MP with my friends and shot them from orbit with a Davy Crockett. Then when they banned that I shot them from orbit with an orbital laser.

TNP is a great friend


Only my friends can determine that

TNP is feeling epic today



TNP is at some sort of party, and being antisocial


The only party I’m at is the Communist party.

TNP wants to be my comrade



TNP prefers Гласность.



TNP wants to be a 1975 Toyota Corolla.


TNP likes little T


Never heard of the bloke

TNP likes Pixies


I like pixies, and the pixies.

TNP is a pickle :cucumber:


No such memes shall be allowed on these hallowed forums; to the dungeons with you, heathen!

TNP would love an automation car meet but would probably be too far away from it


Probably about 8000 miles away from it but would be fun

TNP would like to see a car meat


Hell, a whole car dinner!

TNP wishes they lived out in the country.


I live in one of the outer neighbourhoods. I hate the lack of possibilities here.

TNP feels the same way about living in the country.


Blood hell. Don’t start me. We’d be here all week.
Short of it for me is: crappy internet, I can’t walk to the shops and everyone around me is a farmer.

TNP knows that Everybody’s Supersonic Racing (try to keep your feet right on the ground…)


No but do know that in the UK you can feel the sunshine, and it is brightening up my day

TNP gets the reference


I do. And it does brighten up my day.


TNP is revising


My life.

TNP is reviving