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True or False: Forum Game 2.0



TNP is dead like this thread


Yep. and given I’m about to enter the week of hell I worry what I’ll be on the other side of that.


TNP likes deep fried



TNP is deep fried.


[̲̅h][̲̅e][̲̅l][̲̅l][̲̅a] [̲̅y][̲̅e][̲̅a][̲̅h] [̲̅m][̲̅y] [̲̅b][̲̅r][̲̅o][̲̅!]

TNP was up early today.


Ish. 8:30 is early, right?

TNP won’t ever go


True, nobody can remove me from here and now.

TNP craves beef stew :drooling_face:


Well, I’m Belgian, we tend to live on this:

With this:

TNP never had a decent beer in his life.


False, the only alcohol I drink is a cocktail of this:

and this

TNP is a teetotaler



TNP wants to end their day already :angry:


I have to wait like 40m, so it’s not the worst.

TNP will answer true or false to this question



TNP is correct



TNP doesn’t make sense.


27th April 2018.

TNP like pyjamas.


I’m sitting in my flannels right now.

TNP wears funny prints


Nop. I’m boring XD.

TNP hates me.


…no? Hate is a strong word.

TNP likes night time driving


Oh yeeees! You can go full throttle, and no traffic.

TNP is a boneless pizza.



TNP will D.A.N.C.E.


Yes, I will Do A Negative Cuck Exit


TNP has absolutely no idea what they’re doing.


Playing Automation, so, true, I guess…

TNP hates vines