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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Depending. I love the moscatto or “mosto” (must), but I don’t like the tinto.

TNP is listening Phil Collins now.


You do know he said “Vines” not wines. Sometimes Google translate is not your friend.

Also no I dont listen to Phil Collins.

TNP is totally screwed



TNP is the screw, men


Am I?

TNP is Fortnite


Everyone jump out of my bus

TNP hates feeling their mouth dry when they wake up


Just had that a little while ago so yes.

TNP keeps hydrated


I don’t use Google translate.


I try, but sometimes I fail.

TNP is a friend to all


eh. false. i try or make effort to be friendly. but not everyone reciprocate it in a good way… or some, at all.

TNP is just at a comfy point in life right now


False. Quite the opposite, I’m bogged down in revision :upside_down_face:

TNP really wishes they could just get comfy right now.


I am

TNP can XD in coral blue


lmao xd

TNP :b:



TN :b: is an aggressive shitposter.


live by the shitpost. die by the shitpost. deus vult.

tnp do a l i f e


nah, I ded

TNP antided


I alive, so yes

TNP puts pizza and pasta in a box



TNP will bring it here and put it on…a rock


If the rock rocks and you rock out then hell yeah



Aliens on the wall

TNP tortellini on their…


Alien Tortellini Golems on the wall, ceiling, everywhere!

TNP is a pasta elemental