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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Afraid not, though I can’t tell if that’s a Runescape reference or nah

TNP played the shit out of Runescape


False. Wasn’t my thing.

TNP is a fan.


Fan cars are my spirit animal

TNP’s spirit animal is a race car from an obscure racing series


Race car? Yes. Obscure? No.


(if you don’t know what this is I will eat you)

TNP gets eaten


I hope not.

TNP is Here, but also there.


Here, There Everywhere. But not because The Beatles said so.

TNP fucking loves sweet and salty popcorn


True and not true, I like salty popcorn. Sweet popcorn however…

But TNP prefers nachos with cheese to popcorn



TNP is about to enter another world. Another dimension not only of sight but of mind.


I wish I could

TNP will guess who the next TNP will be


True, it will not be the one I’ll say because they’ll instantly wait for another person to show up instead so they break your prophecy.

But TNP will bring nachos!


Would you like fries with that?

TNP is Spitfire599.



TNP does not approve of what I just did.


Banned for double posting

TNP is uwu


I am OwO.

TNP is O||||O


False, I am not a Jeep. Or a Moke.

TNP is =_=


False, I am o.O




TNP is on top of a mountain right now


Nope. I’m quite close to the sea though.

TNP loves likes My Bloody Valentine


False, can’t like something you’ve never heard of

TNP has witnessed a police car chase


False, though I have witnessed people getting pulled over. (Including myself)

TNP has gotten a speeding ticket.