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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


True, on the first day I got my license.

TNP regularly goes 10 over the limit.


False, 10 over the limit here would net a 150 dollar fine and a demerit point. Here speeding is counted as an alleged speed of 5km/h over the limit, after deducting a margin of error of 2km/h. So the most I’d ever do is 7 at a stretch, but really better to keep it to 5.

Then there’s the fact I recently went all out trying to get to a wedding on the other side of the state and got suspended for high-range speeding, so I’ve really got to be on my best behaviour!

TNP has had their license suspended/cancelled before.


Nosir, I’m clean

TNP has gone over the limit, quite a bit, when they shouldn’t have


False, I don’t have driving licence and when My Dad was learning me how to drive I was driving 30km/h on road with speed limited to 40 km/h.
TNP Loves Automation


True, who doesn’t?

TNP wants a Calvinator engine in his real car?


Not really. It’d be quite a wait to get one in your car too given that the engineering time on those things tends to be ‘a couple of decades’ rather than ‘a couple of months’.

TNP is wearing shorts today


False. Why the hell does the summer not come already :rage:

TNP is also angry at the weather this year


False. I have absolutely no reason to be.

TNP has the highest IQ of these forums.


Absolutely false

Off topic but how the hell is it so warm all of a sudden here in Finland? I’m in päijät-häme and it’s +19c in the shadow who knows how hot in the sun

TNP Has swum in a lake before


Yeos, in Switzerland, Sweden and Norway

TNP squirts like a carburettor :smirk:


You bet I do when I see a mint E30 :smirk: :sweat_drops:

TNP loves 80s touring cars


False.I like 2000s touring cars.
TNP likes Nightcore/Nightstep


No because I have good taste in music

TNP likes to read books



TNP is a Civic


No, I am a M3

TNP is a Chevelle 454


Heck nah, because if I wanted a two door fastback coupe from the early 70s, it would be a Mk1 Ford Capri 3.0l V6 :wink:

TNP is a sucker for old Fords

Especially any Escort (excluding the Mk 4), any Cortina (Mk II 1600E <3), any Sierra (Sapphire body til I die), Granada, Fiesta (Mk 1 yes pl0x) etc etc ad infinitum


Don’t mind them at all - saw a TC Coupe in pretty much the default Automation car designer default color just yesterday and it was gorgeous.

TNP is running too lean


No, Too rich, actually.

TNP is a Motherfucker (Bad Bitch)


Clearly Im a mother lover rather than a mother fucker.

TNP is a Flamingo


No. I’m a dog.
TNP is an Indonesian…