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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Putang ina mo

TNP is nutting over a Stratocaster


False, already have one

TNP has a thing for odd motors


True, the Yamaha V6 in the SHO for example.

TNP has dealt with diesel engines.


Probably not in the terms you’re thinking, but I learned to drive in a diesel. All that torque was lovely but it was such a dull thing to use.

TNP has tried hypermiling.


With a diesel even. A 2005 Audi A3 1.9 TDi Sportback; 1000km on a single fuel tank, from Luxembourg to the South of France.

TNP has never driven a motorcycle.



TNP is Shook


Wrong. I’m bored…
TNP likes his computer


True, it works well for me

TNP uploads shitposts to YouTube and it takes a few hours because it’s too big


Mysteriously, no :joy:

TNP it feels identified as an attack helicopter


yes! it feels identification as the attack helicopter represents best me.

TNP has watched Childish Gambino’s new music video


TNP use trainers in games


Depends on the sport

TNP thinks this is absolutely lewd


Tomcat is great!

But really, TNP is comrade and prefers:


Now Comrade that is indeed lewd, but this is more lewd

TNP agrees with me


It’s pretty heckin lewd, but there’s only one Russian for me <3

Related image

TNP likes Soviet jets


Wrong. I don’t know anything about soviet jets.
TNP ever plays Forza


I mean, I play Horizon 3, but fuck Motorsport 7.

TNP is awaiting Forza Horizon 4


If it comes to pc, has Toyota back and I have a new graphics card to play it by then, you bet

TNP has or had a test today


The second date always is.

TNP thinks I should be making my car for @VicVictory’s Generation competition instead.


I think you should be doing actual work

TNP does work