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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


And how!

TNP has farted in public and blamed it on someone else.


no u

TNP is trademarked



TNP is a telephone


No u

No u, TNP


no uⁿᵒ ᵘ

tnp is bored out of their mind rn


True. I’m bored AF.
TNP is having fun…


Writing Great Trek results, I am having fun.

TNP is now reading them and getting nervous.


I am reading them. LOL.
TNP is currently building a car.


Well not exactly, it’s in the air

TNP has seen the underside of their car


Yes. To change the oil.

TNP rolled a car.


No, but I know someone who did…

TNP has listened to the new Arctic Monkeys album


TNP built in Automation, engine with power more than 500hp per liter.


I would like to see you try

TNP is bored



TNP exists in a three dimensionnal space


No, I’m a string and follow my own theory.

TNP is on the public transport back from a third date that could have actually maybe continued a bit further.


Not a third date but the third personal apartment viewing that I got rejected at haha

TNP owns their house/apartment


Im a millennial…

TNP is dreading their exams next month


Wrong. My exam is next week.
TNP ever listens to K-Pop.


huEuEhuEHuE dOeS gAnGnAm StYLe cOUnT¿?

TNP is so damn ready for summer


Only 6 more months

TNP is in the southern hemisphere