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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Yup, “Bogliq Blue” baby yeah! Oooohhhh behave…

TNP thinks breakfast cereal isn’t just a food for breakfast time!


Nothing beats a good toast with butter

TNP thinks parmisan chicken is delicious


I think all great food is great.

TNP also cannot concentrate on anything today because of nerves for the semi final tonight.


Nope. I hate football.

TNP owned a LHM-leaking car.


Nope, but it has leaked just about everything else at some point.

TNP knows their car could give out at any moment, but really doesn’t want another car.


False because Toyota

TNP is looking at buying a classic car


False because first car.

TNP has all 10 fingers intact.


True, I know to unplug my lawnmower before removing the blocked bits.

TNP has been to Massachusetts.


Brushed it by going from Baltimore to Montreal.

TNP is the only person in his friends group not to follow the world cup.


False. We’re all following it.

TNP knows its coming home.



TNP knows it’s coming home


Against that France? They’ll even beat Croatia. If they win or lose against someone else, it’ll be a final of anti-football anyway. Defending and set pieces.

TNP hates me now.


I absolutely didn’t understand a single word of what you said.

TNP follows the Article 13 vote more than the world cup. Come on guys, really.


Tralse, I’ve been following both pretty closely. Both matter in different ways.

TNP is also aware of what Article 13 was trying to do.


Do I ever. I’m always on the lookout for threats to equality of freedoms.

TNP actively supports social justice :wink:


True, but not the warriors

TNP thinks that the entire idea of getting social justice by being a fighty bitch is the best way to get people to accept your idea and have change occur and definitely not just make people turn you and your somewhat valid ideals into a joke


Ooh we’re getting spicy today… false

TNP’s problem solving skills have gone to shit with age


Ha good one, they always have been

TNP thinks the Forum’s Favourite Car challenge is criminally difficult


Tralse. Some decisions are easy as balls but some are waaay too tough.

Both of the cars that were submitted by TNP were already eliminated.


True. Me!
TNP loves to hibernate…