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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


U wot, I love them

TNP makes some nice homemade burgers


True, how can you say false to that?

TNP has had non cow cheese


True, I have eaten Goat Cheese before.

TNP loves deep dish pizza.


Depends on the topping TBH, Meatlovers = Yes, Pepperoni = NO!!! (Thin pan only!)

TNP has cats that eat vegetables!


False, I have a dog that eats Q-tips against my wishes.

TNP will drive across the state/country just for their favorite food.


False, ain’t the kind of thing we do in the UK

TNP is hyped for the England vs Sweden match later today


No I don’t like football to be honest, wierd for a Brit around this time of year I know.

TNP will be auctioning a car/s in Mr Chips auction.


True. More than one :wink:

TNP likes the new Xfinity Supra



TNP has painted models/miniatures before.


Yes I have.

TNP thinks its too warm


False. I’m a freak that likes to wear long sleeves year round. My hoodie never leaves me.

TNP hates cold weather


False. Cold weather you can always dress in layers, light a fire, etc. When it’s real hot, you can strip down to your bare ass and still be miserable.

TNP has stuck their hand inside a wood chipper.


Happily false

TNP is angry at how clearly rigged the Russia Croatia game is and how expected it is


…if a 1-1 draw at full time, a 2-2 draw at the end of ET and a victory on penalties is rigged, then I’ll eat my hat.

TNP likes tapas


Unrelated but yeah, the ending went differently than expected compared to the rest of the game. Clearly the refs weren’t paid enough :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve never had them but, yeah, I like tapas.

TNP has a car waiting to convert into BeamNG!


well not so much a car, but an entity…

TNP likes the Who


i fucking breathe for the who

TNP likes Britpop


I don’t know what gets classified as britpop but I generally only accept one song per genre so false

TNP Recently realized they’ve been taking their country for granted and how much they love living there



TNP is a meme to someone