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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


What the fuck.

TNP is also concerned


I called the cops control already. okay not really.

TNP doesn’t have enough time to play all the awesome games that have been released lately


Shit dude I don’t even have time to play all the awesome games released three years ago not least because it takes me an average of 100 working hours to design a car in Automation

TNP makes lots of edits



TNP wants to see my new car


I mean it depends on whether its worth seeing.

TNP has a plant :wilted_flower::four_leaf_clover:.


I let the fire die three times a day because I forget to add wood, how do you expect me to look after a plant? :laughing:

TNP has a job nobody understands, even within their company



TNP likes salmon


I fucking love salmon, probably one of my fav fish to eat at home, out, wherever

TNP is craving something elaborate for dinner


its pizza time

TNP thinks pineapple on pizza is okay


I fancy it sometimes

TNP likes arugula on their pizza


It’s not bad, but it’s always a ‘pick out’ in a mixed salad.

TNP should eat some salad


I am, I love salad

TNP think turkey tastes like dry chicken


There’s a right way to do turkey and about 4862 wrong ways. The right way doesn’t come out dry.

TNP can moonwalk


(Not TNP)

Thank god somebody finally said it :ok_hand: :weary:.


You broke the game again :’(


Interesting TNP, but nah, can’t dance at all, or do anything physically cool except martial arts, and this weird thing where I can get up from this weird position.

My turkey didn’t come out dry!

TNP loves broccoli (I do)


Contrary to turkey, there are many good ways broccoli can be done.

Also if you do enough martial arts then you can pick up dance (and a lot of sports) really easily. I’m not gonna lie I kind of want to know what this ‘weird position’ of yours is

TNP is flexible



I can chuck myself backwards into this position, and get back up without using my arms.
People have told me I could do soccer or something, but I don’t like not spending my time doing pointless lazy stuff, so I don’t know really. If I can pick up using the Katana, I might do fencing. (I also do lightsaber)


In more ways than one darling :smirk:

TNP says darling too much (or maybe that’s just me)


I ain’t that sophisticated fam.

TNP says bruh too much