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True or False: Forum Game 2.0



TNP also has terrible pronunciation


For sumfings yeh I doouh

TNP has a regional accent.


Jees ai äm veri vinnis änd i draiv a ralli caar

TNP oofs often



TNP whomst’ve understoodeth the wicked culture of


I did before they did surgery on a grape, that shit got me literally shaking and crying and farting and barfing for three hours straight, then I lost consciousness and now I became a normie who consumes Facebook memes only and doesn’t have a fucking clue of what an autistic meme is.

TNP consumes bath salts on a regular basis to get that extra O O M P H.


I have a shower, so no.

TNP will miss Fernando Alonso from F1


I already miss Alonso and his great radio messages.

TNP will say ‘Was this all part of your pla- NANI?!’


Was this all part of your pla- NANI?!

TNP would rather see me return to the shadows


Don’t know

TNP hates how slow cars feel in FH4


False, I only play good games, like Flatout 3 and Calvin Tucker’s Redneck Farm Animals Racing Tournament.

TNP needs help


with the RDR2 grind, yes

TNP has watched Initial D


Initial D was the first anime I’ve watched and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

TNP has rolled a car IRL


Nope. And I and I hope to continue like this.

TNP hates Renault k9k


False. Tbh no experience

TNP has had to leave their car way too far from home at least once (didn’t start or broke)


The only problem I had with my (mom’s) car was a flat tire, a few months ago, which I managed to replace with the spare one, so that’s a no haha.

TNP thinks the GT86/FRS/BRZ needs more power.


Yeah and needs longer 2nd gear
TNP hate driving physics in nfs prostreet



TNP is free from themselves


False. However soon I will leave this limiting earthly body behind and ascend to the heavens and rule both the living and the dead. On my right side shall sit Pipe God, and on the left Killrob. Together we shall form the Three Corners Of The Apex Seal and purge the mortal world of all heretics with our holy might.

TNP is a heretic


Considering I’m more sympathetic to a sociopolitical reading of the establishment of the early Christian Orthodoxy that would challenge the legitimacy of the inclusion of most of Paul’s writings in the New Testament à la Gnosticism, that would mean at least 1.5 billion people would/should consider me a heretic.

TNP prioritises the integrity of their metaphysics.



TNP looks like they’re from another era.