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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


It was removed? REEE
In other words, true.

TNP owns the (subjectively) best car in the world


Not the best but certainly the most practical. Love my Ana :wink:

TNP likes PiGuP truGhS (pickup trucks)


Only if they’re tOyOtA

TNP likes modern Honda styling (it’s always love/hate)


I like where Honda’s styling is going. It looks modern, and WILL be modern until the next decade.

TNP still has hopes for the new Supra (looking at you Supra “fanbois”)


IMO the hate against the new Supra is overblown. Sure, it does have a BMW engine*, and a questionable styling, but people should be grateful that Toyota didn’t make the new Supra as an ugly crossover.

TNP hates JDM.

* and yes, I rather see them use a BMW straight-6 that is actually great, than a hybrid inline-4 for the new Supra.


To be fair, the body is actually a mod made by some guy on Steam, so you may see the body again if he/she updates it.

Fun fact: When the body was launched, I thought it’s a Mercedes Benz Vito. Until I went to the internet and saw a picture of it.


So incredibly false! I used to dislike JDM. I was an american-german lover. However, while I’m still a die hard Mopar guy, my tastes have evolved dramatically and I really like Japanese cars. I have a massive love for Toyota now. Heck, I’d love an XV30 V6 Camry as a first car, as I’ve discovered there’s tons of personality in it!

And I love everything about the new Supra, because I can appreciate it from every aspect — not just te diehard JDM who’s angry about the BMW engine. Personally I think it’s cool. Went to the Detroit Autoshow and took seventy pictures of just the Supra like, three days ago!

TNP is okay with a well programmed CVT.



TNP hates when people call their USDM Civics “JDM”


false… then again i don’t live in the US

TNP is planning to get some valentine chocolate… no matter who it’s for… but AFTER valentine because SALE


I wish.

TNP just watched TGT Columbia Special.


True. Only first part though. Going to watch second part, though.

TNP does not hate the latest Suzuki Swift Sport.


Is there a reason I should? (I don’t)

TNP has a very lazy pet cat

Also, what, is Grand Tour’s new episode out???


I do indeed. I have two.

Meet Porsche, the calico. She’s two, and 17 lbs. The black and white is Rachel, she is much more active and much more fit but still my baby. (i didn’t name them, the shelter did and i kept them)

TNP likes a good minivan.


Not a big fan of minivans, as they are just…boring (for me). BUT if somebody made a high-performance luxury minivan with RWD/rear-biased AWD, looks great and drives great, then TAKE ALL MY MONEY!

TNP thinks that Automation needs more content to make it a better game. (Yes, it does lack too much content IMO)

It’s already available to the public for like, several weeks ago.


I mean yeah more content would be nice but its a small dev team what do you expect?

tnp needs more rest


Yes very much.

Tnp has a hectic day tomorrow.


You’re true tho. I can wait for more things to come, anyway.
OT: Nah, it’s like 3 pm here and currently I have energy enough to outrun an cheetah.

TNP thinks that he is a sausage bun.


I don’t believe so, no.

TNP works the graveyard shift.


Nope, broad daylight.

TNP doesn’t like the cold.


Cold is bad, I hate it

TNP like heat