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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


False. I kinda like soup but not when it has that oil thing on the surface.

TNP thinks the Eunos Cosmo is the pinnacle of the cars that came along the Japanese economic bubble.


Nah, though the Cosmo is a masterpiece.

TNP has a secret love for muscle cars.


Of course. Can’t not love a V8. Unless anyone asks. In which case, they can’t turn.

TNP doesn’t like wagons


What is this blasphemy.

TNP’s place of work clearly can’t tell the difference between a croissant and panini because when they warmed up the croissant they completely flattened it :expressionless:


…how does that even happen? Croissant gods are most displeased, please resign.



Sure, why not.

TNP would eat rabbit if given the option


Never tried it, would be pleased.

TNP, like me, is a safe driver but can’t resist a good bit of Clarksonry (SPEED AND POWAH) when the moment calls for it.


Speed and power isn’t just an occasion, it’s a lifestyle. Gotta flex that 110 horsepower.

TNP listens to Eurobeat unironically



TNP plays or played Hearts of Iron 4


Nah, but I played HOI3 before.

TNP hates Apple products unironically.


False. Don’t have any strong feelings towards anything Apple. And what’s the point of ironically hating something anyway?

TNP has a three wheeled vehicle


False. But I have a vehicle with two wheels and a stick between them, a Paraplegic Grandpa XLE 3.5.

TNP thinks Doug Demuro opened a secondary channel just to grind some more of that shbread.


I don’t watch Doug Demuro nor do I have any desire to at this point from what I’ve heard.

TNP is seriously eyeing up the new Honda E.


Yes, I love it’s styling.

TNP got scammed by online purchases before.



TNP can’t decide if they like Honda or Toyota better


From personal experience I’m more of a Honda guy, especially since now my gf is in love with her Prius and she hates it when I rag on it for having a second rate ride and fourth rate dynamics. If not for that it’d probably be a much harder pick :joy:

TNP has made their car’s TCS flip out so bad it had a stroke and shut itself off.


No TCS gang

TNP bought a car off of Craigslist


Yes we did and it’s great.

And I’ve made it’s traction control flip out. It just kinda gave up at the end of first gear.

TNP has an american car.


Not sure if a Ford Fiesta is technically an American car, since I think it was made to suit the European market more? :thinking: (Don’t quote me on that.)

TNP plays/wants to play Dungeons and Dragons, or tabletop RPG of the same ilk.


Never played, no interest about these. I’m more of a modern/future-themed guy myself.

TNP has watched Alita: Battle Angel.