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True or False: Forum Game 2.0


Just a single one; no rape or sexual violence.

The next person knows about @strop’s relationship with horses.


False. If you’d care to explain, Mr @Strop:wink:

TNP eats the cereal.


Trueish. But there’s more than one cereal…

… I like horses.

That’s pretty much it :joy: I’m not sure what @KA24DE is trying to suggest though in retrospect it’s probably worth noting that the reason I mentioned those examples on YouTube is because each time they came up on my list I was watching something very unrelated and they definitely weren’t recommended for you options!

TNP never takes the recommended option.


True…if you mean when installing a program in my PC. I always go “custom install” and uncheck anything I’m not interested in, don’t want my HDD to be bloated with random stuff I’m not going to use.

TNP would love to own a Mk1 Golf.



TNP can draw well



TNP likes to do art things.



TNP plays a musical instrument


False. Unless my voice counts as one, and boy it ain’t musical.

TNP imagines the songs and albums they’d release were they in a band


All the time.

TNP was in a band once.


When I was around 7-8 YO I recorded myself and my aunt (we were around the same age) on cassette tape banging on cardboard as if it was drums and singing really stupid songs we made up and then we sold them to people around the neighborhood… Does that count?

TNP also has things they regret in their childhood.


Yes, everything. Especially the time when I decided to be born.

TNP believes in the only true God: V8.


Yamaha tuned V8, AMC V8 or nothing

TNP will share the flavour of their toothpaste


It’s semen flavoured jkz, regular spearmint or some shit.

TNP has a mind that just goes through the gutter and down the abyss because everything floats down here, Georgie


General mental health or Sexual thoughts?
Cos my mind is rated at 45 bars of pressure in submersible resistance regardless of the scenario.

TNP is also trying to fix a messed-up sleep schedule in the worst way possible.


I finish night shift at 930am this morning.

I’m due to start in ICU at 8am tomorrow morning.

So yeah true.

TNP regresses severely when sleep deprived.


True. I feel like having about 50 less IQ and half the normal energy.

TNP is ignored.



TNP would touch a Mercedes vacuum tube (not even fix, just touch, they are scary)


Not only have I touched one, but I’ve also cannibalized a Mercedes vacuum tube to use on my Altima’s PCV valve tube that decided to become graphite instead of rubber. It was what I had on hand.

If you’re curious… one day, my KA vomited engine oil out of the valve cover. I open the hood, and oil is dripping off of it. :scream:
Thankfully the valve cover gasket was the weakest link to fail after the PCV valve did. Unfortunately… the PCV valve is among the hardest “standard maintenance” item to replace on a KA-powered Altima because it’s under the intake, and up against the firewall. Officially, the intake has to come off for the procedure… but there are other ways. A way from below, with a lot of arm pain, and an anatomy lesson in which way the arm can bend and which way it can not. :persevere:

The next person has a part of another car in their car.


True, my Jeep has a Ford Distributor on the engine rather than a Chrysler one that it’s supposed to have. I would also like to see about getting a Ferrari shifter knob for my Taurus.

TNP has obscure desires about what they want to do with their car.


Completley deck out the interior with mood lighting, leather seats and a crazy good sound system.

TNP loves their car