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Tutorial B6: Turbo Basics, High Score Possible?


So first thing after the latest update I decided to go through the scenarios and beat them again, however I am stuck on this one with a score of exactly 1599 I think 1 point shy of getting Platinum. Is this even possible to get the high score? I have fiddled with this for quite a long time now, wondering if anyone else is having the same problem?


It’s definitively doable, as I have 1665 on it. What settings are you using for your turbo?

Other tips would be to try to run as lean as possible, for the economy weight, and make sure your exhaust diameter is optimized.


ah my problem was not putting both the fuel AND the compression as low as possible and just leaving it there. got a score of 1678 now, and yeah exhaust had to be adjusted a lot. first tutorial I found to be a bit tricky

ignition timing 54
exhaust 1.75 in

then just fiddle with the turbo setup