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TV and Movie Car Challenge


This is my entry, should be done soon


Behold the NotVectra

This is the pre-facelift Aanholt Portal 1.8 8 Valve
The one used in the show will have facelift rear light clusters.


'07 GEC GC2 2.0

2.0L transverse I4-powered small sedan. Yours for $25k.


When is the deadline for this challenge?


Is a resubmission possible? I’ve found a little error in a misplaced slider which brought my power down considerably.


Resubmission is possible once from now on.

Deadline is December 8, 2019


Hello, we are introducing the noya for this tv show, featuring a 2.0L engine with 145hp and a secuential gearbox. It is a good showplace for this technology. The viewers can see that this gearbox can be used for your normal “miss daisy walk to the park” or when you have to run in an emergency. This unit has the sport version spoilers added and offers a good balance between sportiness and drivability. The price stars at 23.900

more photos


Presenting the Niveon Traveler (N19) 0.9T Family Sport+

Perhaps the smallest in its category, but nevertheless it still offers ample space for four adults (or two adults and three children). Powered by a 0.9 liter turbocharged inline-3 engine, it revs high with a deep, yet subdued rumble while having consistent power and torque delivery across the entire range. Styling is Japanese from the get-go, and reliability to match, ensuring that the Traveler will never give out at the worst time.

Starting at $22600, it comes with a slew of interior- and safety features as standard, ABS, and assisted steering. But with 47MPG US (4.98l/100km) it gives the most bang for its buck at the petrol station.


Thank you for your submissions so far, I am still capable of reviewing more cars, so feel invited to take part here. :slight_smile:


Probably the most boring car I’ve ever made…

Kiran Jidosha+
Only $18,100

(low budget ad for low budget car)


BDM Motors Presents,

For those who drive everyday and demand a comfortable car…


2007 Decarlis D30

Around 27 000 $

More photos


Forea Connecta

Keep it simple.


24 hours to go, and it looks like it will be an interesting competition.


Skoda Superb influences?


I recognize that the front looks like a Skoda. This is the result of chance. I was looking for a grille which wed well with the air intake under bumper. I added vertical chromed bars because I thought the grille looked too empty. Then, I realized it looked like a Skoda’s grille. I found it rather nice so I kept it.

P.S. : sorry for my poor english. I use google traduction to help me… :blush:


I went for cheap recycled PET plastic bumpers, painted in a slightly less shiny colour than the rest of the body. Either with few, small holes or really big ones (front) because of the softer, deformable shape of the bumpers. Classic French/Japanese economy car stuff.


Mine’s just a Vectra through and through


20074 Franklin Marshall VanGo


2005 SAV Serraza 2.0t LXE