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TV & Movie Car Challenge Round 11 (TMCC11): For the Spirited Driver in All of Us [Tier 2 part 2 bins]


thrilled you showed up in my mechanically lacking creation.


Who would have thought side mirrors would be the thing to get me axed


yeah I feel so demotivated atm


Vena you dumb troll I will go grr on you

TMCC11 Part 3

Tier 2 bins (part 2)


Well actually not quite, this is an out of character bin based on design.

Anyways let’s get cranking.

@Marv666 Autodelta Orcinus 3400 V6 AMP (TIE Tier 2, 3)

This is a tidy and relatively stylish but pretty lifeless design. The elements generally work well, although we were under the impression that the giant round lights conflicted with the boxy elements, especially the frumpy front. However, the biggest issue centered around the proportions, the trunk is stretched to oblivion, giving it a best in competition 1030L of cargo space, but made it look very ponderous. The engine was one of the best, but the general engineering would have been overshadowed by more focused entries.

(also we reviewed all the cars on stable, but took pictures on ob…)

@nialloftara Centauri Raider RS (TIE Tier 2, 3)

The general fundamentals are done right, and we do like the front quite a bit, it gives off a fitting, muscular look that isn’t vulgar. However, we’re not sure whether that quite meshes with both the blocky old-school wheels or the even blockier, simplistic rear arrangement. A particular sore spot was the rudimentary rear bumper. The exhaust is awkward, and general design (especially on the sides) is nonexistent. In addition, we also raised concerns about the unfitting lower vent area and smallish door handles. Also those rear reflectors are probably illegal…

@Jaimz FM HiWay GTs (Tier 2, 2)

A period correct car that fits right in the aftermarket (especially the wheels), the general shaping and design has a good base, with a well fitting front vent area, and a pretty nice two tone design. The boxy lights and rounded plate holder work surprisingly well. However, the front lights look rather incomplete, as they don’t wrap around and lack a reflector and internal housings. Concerns were raised over the small door handles and fuel cap. The main issue here is the haphazard front grill, which has no place on a car like this. Also, the exhaust is kinda janky.

The final two are the ones that were closest to passing this round of bins

@conan Millbrook Pescalo Ultima (TIE Tier 2, 1)

There’s quite a bit to like about this. It’s tidy, relatively well done, and has a functional, somewhat premium appearance. The real issue here is the body itself, it has a very funky door line that sours the mood, and the rear looks particularly bulbous. Combined with the nonexistent styling on most of the car, it’s basically one of the least inspiring cars here. Shame cause engineering wise it was one of the more competitive ones.

@abg7 LCE LE5 V8 S (TIE Tier 2, 1)

The best of the Tier 2 bins, this LCE features a very clean approach that has a very premium, but not sporty appearance. While parts are placed well, there are literally no parts in the first place, and fails to stand out from a very competitive set. Some concerns were raised over the rear reflector color, sunroof placement, and whether the rounded body was too modern. It was also very underwhelming engineering wise, lacking many features almost all the other cars had.


It’s not my fault my computer broke…
Sort of… :upside_down_face:


Maybe I overdid it a bit to get rid of the weird looking dimensions of the W201 body, which are nice for a compact sedan, but just too small (width- and lengthwise) and too high for a full size sedan. I personally felt it gave the car a much more premium and full size sedan look by making it look longer. And I do think I kept it quite in line with the real life cars I used as an example (Hyundai Sonata Y2, Mercedes Benz S-Class W126, Lexus LS400, etc.).

The headlights are indeed a bit of a wild choice for a further clean (maybe a bit lifeless indeed XD) design. It was an attempt to really bring the car to the 1990s, instead of making a design that could just as much be from the 70s. The rear lights have been a victim of the update, as they were just clear in one colour instead of looking like you’re face to face with a tarantula.

Good to know the engine was competitive! With the general engineering, do you mean the relative simple/outdated chassis and suspension choices I made for the car? Or was it lacking in another way?

Anyway, glad I made it this far. As I’m still relatively new to the challenges. And I’m interested to see the finale!


It was a lot softer in character than others, the Munot had the same issues as well.
Also note that the E28 was a bit smaller than other E segment sedans. We’re also not looking for S classes.


Are we getting an ETA/progress report on this at all? Seems a bit silly its dragged in this long, may aswell just assume it was abandoned.


Hello, my computer was sent out for repairs mid December, and it contained a lot of the information needed for the next parts, most notably the photoscenes. So at this moment, we’re working behind the scenes to assign all the ratings. Therefore, some of the cars have already been fully rated, so all that’s needed is to tell it out in a suitable fashion.

As it should be coming back this weekend, I would then be able to take the photos needed much smoothly.

Another issue is that some people’s requests are very hard to find information for, such as the interior.


Oh shit yea, I forgot that your computer got sent off I remember now. Hnng silly moment by me :joy:.

Hopefully can sort it soon after its back!


Right when you said it, it came back, so I’m setting it up and resuming work after I transfer the files.
As in the doorbell ringed
Also I am doing my best to rebuild some of the cars that broke with the texture update, this will also help me gauge better the philosophy of the cars too.