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TV & Movie Car Challenge (Round 5): The Transporter, Final Mission


2020 Decalis D80 S


Beta Julia Quattroporte, the 5 vents on each side symbolize the V10 engine. My photo mode is super laggy, sorry for the bad pic:


Deadline passed 54 Minutes ago.


The deadline is the 1st of March, 2020 in 05:00 PM GMT not AM so it remains 11 hours and 25 min, isn’t it ?


Oh yeah… supposed to be am. So that means…

Submission Ends Now!


And that’s resolved…


Hang on, you’ve just changed the end date while it’s running?!


To be fair it did also state the


Well GMT is zero time for time zones so easier to work from that


i forgot to post this so this is all y’all are getting for now sorry lol

Quezon Laguna Rizal Special


Its ok. I think maybe ads could still be submitted here I guess…

@mart1n2005 it was a typo, I’m sorry…


Since it’s a mistake on your end can I at least send my car now. It’s already done


oh ok sure… You’re the last one I guess…


I should remember to submit my entries lol


I miss the deadline
Good luck guys.


There’s a Centauri Brougham in this event that I forgot to make an ad for, and I doubt I’ll have time the next few days to get on my PC and take photos of it. So here’s the text version.

2020 Centauri Brougham Highline GTZ

This fullsized executive sedan is powered by a version of our Mamba V10 originally designed for the 2015 Banshee (soon to be revealed hopefully in the Fite Me3 contest) this 8.1L 50 valve twin turbo V10 delivers 800hp and over 750lbft of torque across a wide curve, while remaining smooth, and remarkably fuel efficient with a EPA estimated 26mpg combined on premium. Inside the Brougham offers 4 individual seats with front and rear climate controls and semi reclining rear seats. Hand stitched leather and soft touch plastics abound inside and the 6 speed automatic is smooth and seamless in shifts, less cogs and taller ratios means a less obtrusive drive than some of our competitors, leaning on the Mamba’s sbundant torque you don’t need the extra gears for a smooth and powerful driving experience. With over 2.5 metric tons of luxury around you, you won’t feel it on the freeway, with 62mph achieved in just 3.6 seconds and a top speed of over 200mph.

Centauri Brougham Highline GTZ, msrp $115,000 Centauri, the stars are within your reach.


You still, here?
Would like an ETA on first part of results…


I’m a bit busy in life. But I guess expect the binnings to be around either tomorrow or the day after…


All good, just checking in


Calling it now, I’ll likely get binned for aesthetic.