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UE4 Badge Creation


This is an updated copy of my old badge I made for the last version of automation, I was hoping someone would be able to convert it to work with UE4 version of Automation.


I have downloaded UE4 but I have not begun working to learn to convert it. I have no blender skills (I have tried on a few occasions, it is just so confusing) and I do not own a copy of 3ds Max. I do own an older (ancient) copy of Maya but I would have to find the disks, even then I am not sure if it would work.


After some effort on my part and finding and installing my old copy of Maya I managed to get the badge into game after some effort.


It pops out of the car a bit far but I think I can live with that for the moment. Also I changed it to a panel mat so I can now use a carbon fiber rabbit or something instead of a chrome one doesn’t look very good on the car (say on a white/silver car)

If anyone needs any help doing this themselves please let me know. The largest learning curve was the UE4 editor. Doing this took me about 3 hours NOT counting the time to model or program installations.