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[UE4] Garcia Peoples Car [Lore][Open To Entries]


Nohda huh…



Grabbing the popcorn cause this is gonna be one HELL of a lawsuit :wink:


Garcia’s courts favour towards President Huan, he will have the overall decision.


A 100% serious advert for the proper Nohda my entry


Flamers Motor Company - Pessoa

After having a huge amount of success in the 1940’s with there early sports cars the Flamers Motor Company moved into a more mass market area in the 1950’s.

To address the needs of the people of Garcia they produced the Pessoa, the go anywhere, do anything people mover.

Designed to be a practical family vehicle it seats 9 people, in order to make the vehicle achievable for the working person in Garcia there isn’t any flashy unnecessary features, only things to make your life easier.

The Pessoa comes with power assisted steering, a economical 1.0 litre petrol engine and optional seatbelts. This allows the Pessoa to achieve an amazing 30mpg (UK) whilst still being able to carry your family and your best friends family!

You didn’t think we made this boring did you?

If you did you were wrong.

Fitted with roof rails and a rear ladder you can go anywhere, do anything, with everyone.

Starting at just $5287 and $287.4 servicing costs it’s a real steal!


Presented for El Presidente’s consideration:

1957 Garcian Motor Company (EGM) Constitucion

Inspired by a design from merry old Inglaterra, but custom crafted for our great country. Innovative touches such as bakelite hubcaps and door handle buttons help to cut costs (and to make sure citizens don’t get any ideas above their station!). We made sure the Constitucion was also able to traverse dirt trails when El Presidente really needs to upgrade the Presidential Palace and can’t spare any money for sealed roads.

Production cost: $5573


Dear President Huan,

Your enquiry for a car of the hard working people of glorious Garcia has not fallen to deaf ears, and we’re happy to tell that our recent development for a practical small car affordable for the common folk of our grand nation also appears highly suitable for your demands.

We’re ready to share the plans for the Taore Xingzi, so our nations shall prosper!

We hope the looks are appealing, despite the base purpose being utilitarian. Details in shiny chrome should make it attractive to most.
Tooling costs are considerably lowered by using a simple but proven ladder chassis setup. Merely galvanization is considered for vehicles that will need to last even through the monsoon.
Inspired by European cars, the front wheels are driven, allowing for extra space where it matters and also returning incredible safe handling even through unsafe conditions. No path will be too tough for your determined citizens: The differential can be locked so it can crawl its way through mud, sand, snow and gravel.
The engine is another great development, a slanted 1 litre 3 cylinder unit, with a chain driven overhead cam, simple, economical, reliable, with plenty of power! This could spur fascination for motorsport!
We are of course aware of the most crucial comfort needs, which of course warrants a radio for receiving public broadcasts, your voice shall also be heard on the roads of Garcia!
Five seats, with modest safety features, because people need to learn to trust its safety when they go twice as fast as a horse, which means over 110 km/h. The cabin also features the possibility to open some windows for venting. Double rear doors and a removable rear bench make it possible to also load bigger items, even use it for delivery duty.
Of course, it won’t be for free, but in full production, we estimate a compensation of $5232 per unit. Maintenance should be about $260, and a fuel consumption of less than 10 l/100km. It is also possible to substitute 115 mm wide cross-ply tyres on it.

For propaganda, one could use too many phrases, so we just say:
“It goes where you need to go! Daily!”

We look forward to hear of your potential interest!


Entries close in ## 3 HOURS
If you have not sent me your car or submitted your advert you must do so before the deadline.

Entries submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.



I will be judging in a few major categories,

Highway Driving: How well the car accelerates, how well it holds speed and how easy it is to drive at speed.
Offroad Handling: How stable the car is offroad, how well it handles small bumps at moderate speed and how it handles steep climbs.
Price: How affordable the car is.
Economy: How much fuel the car uses.
Looks: Subjective, but if a car wants to sell well it at least needs to look ok.

After the winner has been selected I will post the next chapter of Garcia.


Well now I feel like I should’ve gotten some more power in there… 41 hp might not be enough for a 2000 lb sedan.


I will have the results up by this time tomorrow, I just have some testing in beam to do and then I’ll be taking total scores and making a write-up, good luck to all entrants.


@CC9020 you did not on me your car file, I will give you until 12PM BST tomorrow to send it to me or you will face disqualification.


I’m afraid CC9020 has put it in his post instead of sending it in a PM :wink:


Well, I thought I sent it to him but it looks like I didn’t. Forgot to send the message and just closed the tab, I remember writing it.


Not wanting to bother, but… isn’t it pretty much 3 weeks late for “tomorrow”?

Also, the title of the thread doesn’t indicate that entries are already closed, just as heads up for anyone noticing this challenge just now and think it’s open.


That’s my bad, google decided to corrupt my spreadsheet and then I simply forgot about the challenge, I need to re-evaluate all entries, I have some time on Wednesday so I will be ding that then.


I have been unable to recover the data for this challenge and due to college work I cannot really devote much time to trying to recover it, Due to this I am going to call off the challenge. I apologise to all my entrants for essentially wasting your time with this round.