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Ugly cars you think look cool


Not so much a car I think looks cool, but more a design aspect a think looks cool.

I always loved the fake wood paneling of the 70’s to 80’s and it looked so good on almost every car its been on, even the Pinto and the PT cruiser.
Edit: also love whitewalls and unfortunately the pic I liked was one with it without the whitewalls.
…anyway the Jeep wagoneer is perfect in terms of looks and I love it so much because of it.


Thanks for bringing that up i love wood paneling. I have always said, it’s not a true station wagon if it doesn’t have wood paneling. Also you reminded me of the 1984 Dodge Caravan.


that is buttfucking ugly :sleepy:


well this page is called, “ugly” cars you think look cool.


…Okay well i guess wood paneling doesn’t ALWAYS make a car look better in the case of that dodge, but I feel it could have looked good if it went down a bit further or it wasn’t a bad looking car in the first place.


I would kill for one of these.


Quite alot of people actually find her ugly… Hmmm


it’s not a looker, but it super cool


I like it for the same reason i like the Plymouth Horizon (Dodge Omni) because it boxy and simple.

Although the hub caps suck. What i should have said was the Chrysler Lebaron,


my grandpa has one of those, but people find this ugly?


As would I, however I believe you posted this in the wrong thread, that car belongs in a thread for the BEST looking cars


okay this one is probably biased (my dad owns one) the 1967 Chevy cargo van.


Name any American car from the 60’s and 70’s and there’s a 99% chance I will like it (I’m a sucker for old school chrome and plastic, etc).


…Are those wheel flares stock? I could kinda like the look of it if they werent there but as is…


no there after market the stock one has steel wheels that look kinda like this.


those wheels do suit it better, but I meant the wheel arches, they look incredibly out of place


my dad van doesn’t have those either.


In that case I can actually find that van appealing.


Here a much better example.


1989 Honda Atcy. I love kei cars and vans.