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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


They never sold it there? Somehow I’d expect it to sell the best either there or Italy


Looks like we got it, just not common I guess


Messerschmitt KR175


Given that it came from an aircraft manufacturer, driving the KR175, with its bubble canopy, must have somehow felt like flying one of the company’s infamous wartime combat aircraft - but without the speed or firepower!


Almost a shame they didn’t make cars for long. Given what we know about Saab, think of what other lunacy could’ve sprouted from such an endeavor.


Especially since the Bf 109 had a fuel-injected engine - they could have used their knowledge of such systems in developing their cars after the war.

On the subject of lunacy:


The Gumpert Apollo may not have been the most attractive supercar ever, but it was incredibly fast. I think it looks angry enough to devour lesser cars as it accelerates past them!


1961 buick flamingo


The south east asian peugeots


I wasn’t aware that the Lexus IS is considered ugly - pretty darn cool looking car imo


The front of that car is something only its designer could love.


Being from Poland, this is my official dream car. This, and the Lotus Esprit V8.


I think the Citroen BX looks a cool kind of weird
And I just love the sd1


The 1971-1973 Mustang seems to get a lot of hate for some reason, it’s by far my favourite and the most muscle like Mustang though (Not counting Shelby’s), also the 70’s Eleanor is really good looking (Well before it gets all scratched and beaten up thanks to the crashes during the chase) also my grandmother is called Eleanor funnily enough.

I mean just compare these two profile shots, I know which one I would take every day of the week.


I thought people hated the Pinto based Mustangs (74-78), not these.


People seem to hate both.
They hate this one because apparently it got too big (Despite barely being bigger than the 1969-1970 Mustang and those never get any hate) and they think it’s ugly.
They hate the Mustang 2 because it’s underpowered and kind of ugly or tacky.


Not many people really hate the one you linked, it’s just simply not as desirable, and for good reason. The Mustang 2 is definitely the most hated one (because it’s total shite).


You have no idea how much ire the modern Lexuses draw. I personally love all of them


Modern Lexuses draw that ire for good reason.


Them and Audi are putting some of the biggest grills on any car I have ever seen, things are stupidity large


I do agree about the grills - I think the IS would look WAY better if they just went ahead and split that humongous thing into an upper and a lower portion. But apart from that I really like it, especially the profile.