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Ugly or weird cars you think look cool


It definitely is lol. Almost identical mechanical components as a 1.5L NC Miata MX-5 but 300lbs heavier. Still quick though. Although not sure if I wanna go too quick in this car…


That was what I thought about the rear too! It looks so much like the Scuderia.
And you’re right about the Zonda-esque front too I guess, I was thinking that it looks similar to a car I know but couldn’t lay a finger on one.


But the NC is already so heavy, we call it the boat lol :joy:


Wasn’t the NC 2005 only around 1.15 tons?


1.230 ton :nauseated_face:


I mean in hindsight it doesn’t seem like much, but for a puny cabriolet, that’s road barge weight right there lol


It’s the heaviest MX5, and it’s such a small car :slight_smile: But I’m sure it’s cool to drive anyway!


Agreed man. It’s cool to drive and with some moderate mods and effort, you can really lighten it up, bump up the acceleration and still have a lot of stock functionalities.


still lighter than an 86




Marcos XP


My eyes cannot compute that front end


Now we know where Lister got the idea for their Storm.:wink:


LADA 112


The Lada 110/111/112 came out in 1995, but looks dated from the front - an inevitable consequence of its design commencing in 1987 but not being completed until well after the fall of the Soviet Union.


Toyota BB open deck


The name “bB” was never used outside of Japan. In North America it was sold as the Scion xB.


too bad the open deck variant didn’t reach the usa either


Chrysler crossfire

i never understood why there are rain gutters on the hood.


What about a mighty suzuki jimny? It’s odd because it’s a tiny kei 4x4 but awesome because it is a tiny kei 4x4 with 60 hp or so