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Unstable BeamNG export


This car does not export to BeamNG correctly. Several updates ago, it would not export at all. Then, it would export but Beam would give me the “unstable” message. Now, it exports but the car is invisible in Beam. Wonder Woman’s got nothing on me!

Rowdy Mouse - NG.car (54.6 KB)

edit to add: sadly, the invisible car is not driveable.


Thanks for posting the car file :slight_smile: we’ll have a look into that when we get around to it (we’re very busy with campaign stuff right now).
I assume you have made sure it is not due to any other BeamNG mods you have installed?


I have not uninstalled my BeamNG mods to check if that could be a problem. However, the only Beam mods I’m running are maps and a few scenarios. This is the only car I’ve had trouble exporting. I’m not too fussed about it, I have plenty of other stuff to run and I can always try remaking the car- which seems unlikely, I have others similar to it which work. I only posted it because of the instruction in the exporter.